Diemaster Industries - plastic injection moulding of plastic containers, cosmetic packaging containers
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Diemaster Industries - Plastic Injection Moulding South Africa

Tool and Die Making and Injection Moulding

injection Diemaster Industries - tool and die construction, product development, mould makers, packaging, plastic injection moulding

Plastic injection moulding and tool and die making

Diemaster Industries offer product development, toolmaking : tool and die construction, tool and die maintenance, plastic injection moulding of plastic parts and components, insert moulding, vertical moulding, assembly of products, ultrasonic welding, and packaging of your products.

We manufacture a wide range of plastic injection moulded products covering plastic containers, plastic nursery products, automotive parts, plastic glasses, Plastic electrical and lighting coverings, plastic swimming pool parts, plastic cosmetic containers, plumbing products, plastic pipes and fittings.

Please contact us regarding your custom injection moulding needs.

Contact Details

Diemaster Industries

Tel :+27 11 708-1400 / 708-1565 / 708-1797

Fax : +27 11 708-1374

Email  mp@diemaster.co.za

Physical Address : 4 & 6 Engineering Close, Kya Sand Ext. 15, Randburg, South Africa

Postal Address : P O Box 284, Kya Sand, 2163, South Africa
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