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Global Packaging supply wholesale plastic packaging such as plain and printed packaging film and plastic bags and supply hand held pallet wrappers used for packaging

Plastic Packaging Products and Packaging Equipment

Global Packaging Products - Plastic packaging Suppliers

Plastic Packaging Suppliers

Plastic Bags, Plastic Sheeting, Plastic Film, Palletwrap, Packaging Film, Plastic Tubing, Shrink Wrap

NOW also suppliers of Packaging Equipment - LitewrapperCL - ONE hand pallet wrapper system

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Global Packaging Products

Providing you with plastic packaging product solutions for over 16 years, Global Packaging Products, are specialists in the following types of plastic packaging: plastic bags plain and printed, palletwrap, shrink film plain and printed, plastic tubing and plastic sheeting from 50mm to 3m, and carry a full range of stock bags.
Global Packaging Products specialize in plastic extrusion, printing, and converting of flexible packaging film and are wholesale plastic packaging suppliers of Polyethylene or Polypropylene plastics, plastic bags and shrink wrap film, palletwrap, plastic film, printed plastic bags, clear plastic bags, plastic carrier bags, shopping bags, plastic sheet, flexible plastic sheet,shrinkwrap, printed promotional advertising products for sports and shopping gift bags.

Our growth is directly related to service, quality, and customer satisfaction. We supply bag and film packaging products for the following areas of retail and industry: advertising, agricultural, bakery,Chicken Farming, Bottling Companies, Tissue Paper Converters, Ceramic Industries, Door Manufacturers, Vegetable Farmers, Egg Farmers.

printed film
plastic bags, clear and printed
plastic sheeting

Wholesale Packaging Suppliers of :

  Plain and Printed Plastic Bags
 Heavy Duty Plastic Bags
  Plastic Shrink Film
 Plastic Food Packaging
 Industrial Packaging Film
  Plastic Bags for Retail Packaging

plastic film on a roll
plastic packaging bags

Litewrapper CL - Pallet Wrapper
Hand Held Pallet Wrapper

Litewrapper CLTake a load off your wrapping costs - Save upto 30% on your cost per load.

  • LitewrapperCL a ONE hand pallet wrapping system.
  • Wrap a pallet with industry leading ergonomics in ONE minute.
  • Eliminate wasteful and costly cores and boxes.

LiteWrapperCL is the latest development, combining two modern inventions for wrapping pallets.

The LiteWrapperCL dispenser with LiteWrapper CL film will give you all benefits of both inventions.

Superior load retention with our LitewrapperCL system.

Wrap pallet loads easier and more effectively with LitewrapperCL. LitewrapperCL film is strong right off the roll!!

Because of a unique manufacturing process you need not stretch the film to get an effective, load-holding wrap. Operators will appreciate the ease with which LitewrapperCL film can be applied.

Benefits of using LiteWrapperCL :

-  a patented system to wrap pallets by hand
-  ergonomics: walking forward, NO bending, NO backpain
-  stronger & constant wrap, film is activated by the dispenser
-  less film, less time - wrap a pallet in less than one minute
-  stronger film : you need less walking around the pallet to get the right load \ retention
-  no "neck down" better use of the film
-  cost savings: no core, no pay
-  bulk packed: saving on packaging costs : no cores, no cartons
-  more pallets wrapped per roll, more rolls on a skid: less shipping costs to receive your packaging material
-  environment friendly: big waste reduction, reduction of transport

Litewrapper CL

Litewrapper C L - Products

Litewrapper CL Starter kit :
The starterkit is all you need to wrap over 250 pallets!!
In the kit:
1 LOADED dispenser, ready to go plus 12 extra rolls.

Refill :
Box with 12 rolls LiteWrapperCL film, good for wrapping over 230 pallets!!

Bulk pack :
For high volume users. No cartons, no cores. Good for wrapping 7000 pallets!!
352 Rolls.

Only in combination with ordering film.

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