GB Man - manufacture granulators for plastic recycling and supply granulator blades.
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GB Man - Manufacture Granulators and Granulator Blades

Granulators and Granulator Blades

Granulator Blade Man

Granulators Machinery & Granulator Blades

Granulator Blade Man is a professional supplier and manufacturer of industry granulator blades and machinery located in the rich and beautiful South Africa.

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Manufacture Granulators South Africa

Manufacture Granulators

Granulator Machine


BEST USE: Rigid plastics

Plastic Material That Can Be Granulated PP/ PE/ PET / PVC/ HD / ABS

Main Features

Low noise granulator to granulate injection moulded products

Tailored to meet a wide variety of requirements, able to granulate & recycle all kinds of plastic materials of different textures and shapes. Well constructed with precisely engineered mechanical parts to insure precession. Strong structure, easy to operate, low electricity consumption & durable.
Full safety device installed, to in sure safe operation. Double hopper designed for low noise.

Granulator Suppliers South Africa

Granulator Machine FFB500-FFB650-FFB800

Plastic Material That Can Be Granulated PP/ PE film grade PP weave

Main Features

This machine uses a hollow shaft structure which allows for a cleaning process as well as a very efficient output rate

Granulator Machine FFA500, FFA650, FFA800

Best Use: Granulating hollow plastics

Main Features

Splay cutter shaft has large grab force for hollow thin-walled plastic products.
The design of the cutter blade is back to back so it has a large cutting force for application like PE bottles and drums, PE screens and thin-walled plastic products.

PSPB 600 Staggered Blade Granulator

Staggered Blade Granulator

BEST USE: Rigid plastics

Plastic Material That Can Be Granulated PP/ PE/ PET / PVC

Main Features

The unique cutting tool is design of PSPB series rubber & plastic granulator is suitable to granulate rigid plastics, tyres, children's toys Etc.

These items can be fed directly into the machine instead of pre granulating. This machine is designed in such a way that it reduces noise.

Granulator Blades

We keep stock of our machine blades along with manufacturing granulator blades as per customers sample or customer drawings.


Granulator Blades

Plastic Processing Equipment and Plastics Recycling Machines - Granulators

With powerful technology, perfect measurement systems, experienced technicians and skilled workers, G.B Man is specialised in manufacturing the equipment for plastic processing and recycling.

In order to satisfy the requirements of our customers not only do we provide perfectly sharp blades, but our products are also very durable and competitively priced. We are setting a standard for quality, reliability, durability and value in the machine and blade industry.

Try us and experience the real compatibility of your machines and blades.

Contact Details


Contact Person :      Nick Svoronos

  Cell              072-548-4054

  Tel               011 455 5079

  Fax            011 455 0374


  Physical Address  11 North Reef Road, Wilbart, Edenvale, South Africa

  Postal Address     P O Box 3650 Edenvale 1610

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