Kenoron Products are suppliers of adhesive polyurethane tapes in South Africa.
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Converters of Norton Double Sided Foam Tapes

Norton Double Sided Foam Tapes - Reliable Reflectors - Reflective Tapes - PVC Fencing

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Kenoron Products is a manufacturing facility situated in Edenvale, Johannesburg. We manufacture Reliable Reflectors under the SABS mark and are master converters of Norton Double-Sided Tapes. Recently we've expanded into the PVC Fencing industry.

Norbond acrylic double sided foam tape

Norton Acrylic Double Sided Tapes

Norton Optical Tape

Norton Optical Tapes

Norton Polyurethane Double Sided Foam Tape

Norton Polyurethane Foam Tapes

Norton Thermal bonding glazing tapes

Norton Thermalbonding Glazing Tape

Norseal PVC Foam Tape

Norseal PVC Adhesive Tape


Reliable Reflectors

Greenglue noise sealant

Greenglue Noise Sealant

Avery Dennison Reflective Tapes

Avery Dennison Reflective Tapes

Absolut PVC Fencing

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Norbond® Acrylic Bonding Tapes

Norton Foam Tapes

Saint-Gobain's Norbond® acrylic tapes offer outstanding viscoelastic  and adhesion properties. It provides ideal bonding performance for many interior and exterior applications.

Norbond acrylic tapes are formulated for durable, long-lasting adhesion to high surface energy substrates, with exceptional holding power, even at elevated temperatures.

Norbond® A7200

Clear Acrylic Tapes

Transparent acrylic core tape | Saint-Gobain Foams & Tapes

Satisfies special visual and design requirements when bonding to glass or clear surface.

Norbond® A7300

Grey double sided foam bonding tape

Double-sided coated acrylic foam tape | Saint-Gobain Foams & Tapes

Norbond® A7300 series is a grey, double-sided, coated acrylic foam tape.

Norton Polyurethane Double Sided Foam Tape

Norbond Foam Bonding Tapes

Norbond® V1300

Mirror Foam Binding Tape

Mirror bonding tape combines a white polyurethane foam substrate with a durable, pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive on both sides. The conformability of Norbond V1300 series mounting tapes promotes maximum surface contact with less distortion and is ideal for interior applications.

Norbond® V2800

Black Polyurethane Foam Bonding Tape

Norbond® V2800 bonding tape combines a black polyurethane foam substrate with a high-performance, pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive on both sides. Norbond V2800 tape is an ideal choice for severe exterior bonding applications. The product is durable in all weather conditions and provides resistance against UV light, extreme temperatures, fungi, oxidation and ozone.

Norbond® V4600

Grey Polyurethane Foam Bonding Tape

Norbond® V4600 bonding tape combines a gray polyurethane foam substrate with a high-performance, pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive on both sides. The foam substrate allows energy and stress in the joint to be dissipated over the entire bond. Norbond V4600 is an ideal choice for severe exterior bonding applications where a gray aesthetic is required.

Norton Thermalbond Structural Glazing Spacer Tape

Thermalbond Structural Tapes

Structural Glazing Tapes

Thermalbond® is the world's most recognized brand of structural glazing spacer. Thermalbond glazing spacers are designed for use in structural silicone glazing systems where there is direct contact with the silicone adhesive. Thermalbond structural glazing spacers temporarily fasten the glass to the frame, allowing movement of units through the shop. The open air cell structure provides for rapid curing of the silicone adhesive.

Thermalbond® V2200 spacer tapes are available in a wide range of thicknesses and configurations in black or grey. It utilises high-strength acrylic adhesive on one or both sides of the foam. The double-sided adhesive configuration delivers secure temporary bonding. This ensures the stability of the glazing components during the silicone curing cycle. V2200 spacer tapes are available in a light grey colour for silicone matching in new facade designs.

Norseal Sealing and Cushioning Foams

Sealing and cushioning foams


PVC Foam Tape

Norseal® PVC Foams

Norseal® PVC is a closed-cell, compressible foam with pressure-sensitive adhesive. Norseal® foam tapes are the economical choice to protect against water, dirt and air infiltration and resist weathering, UV oxidation, mildew and fungus.

Norton Optical Tape

Norbond® OP45

Norton Optical Foam Tape

Norbond® OP45 blocking pads are specifically engineered for the latest generation anti-reflective and super-hydrophobic coatings.  This superior blocking pad combines a microcellular polyurethane foam core and high performance adhesive for optimal torque resistance, eliminating the need for supplementary film and reducing total systems costs. Saint-Gobain's Norbond® OP45 blocking pads combine two adhesives – one optimized for the lens and the other for block – for adhesion.  For error-free application, the lens surface of the pad is identified with "SecurEdge® Plus" printed under the adhesive.

Norbond® OP5C

Norton Optical Foam Tape

Norbond® OP5C blocking pads combine a modified acrylic adhesive and unique internal reinforcement technology for a wide-range of lens coatings, materials and curvatures. The pad protects the lens from slipping due to high rotational forces, minimizing waste during the final edging process.  The soft foam surface of NORBOND® blocking pads provides good adhesive wet-out and maximum conformability.

Norbond® OP7

Norton Optical Blocking Tapes

Norbond® OP7 blocking pads combine strong acrylic adhesive and polyurethane foam for a superior hold. The pad is engineered to provide a good quick stick and resist rotational forces during edging, minimizing waste. An economic yet reliable blocking pad for general use, the OP7 Series removes cleanly with no adhesive residue or marring.

Green Glue

Greenglue noise proof your life

We are the sole Importers of the Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound, a Saint Gobain Company. It is a unique polymeric formula that converts the mechanical energy from sound waves into small amounts of heat. When the compound is sandwiched between 2 rigid layers of material (like drywall), it forms a damping system. So when waves pass through the structure, the energy is dissipated in the form of heat.

Green Glue® Noiseproofing Compound

Greenglue compound to noiseproof buildings

A viscoelastic damping compound. It's used between two sheets of drywall for wall and ceilings to reduce the amount of sound transferring from one room to another. Used between two sheets of drywall for wall and ceilings to reduce the amount of sound transferring from one room to another.

Green Glue® Noiseproofing Sealant

Greenglue noise sealant for buildings

Seals gaps between walls and ceilings and floors. It can also be used to seals spaces around electrical boxes, light fixtures or other potential sound leaks.

Reliable Reflectors

Reliable Reflectors

Injection Moulding of Reflective Tape for automotivePlastic Injection Moulding of Reflective Products for the
Automotive Industry under our brand, Reliable Reflectors.

Reflective Tape

Avery Dennison Reflective Tape

Glass Bead Tape for night time vehicle-recognition

We offer high-visibility prismatic, glass bead tape, and sheeting products to improve night-time vehicle recognition. Reflective contour markings on trucks make detection easy, which reduces the risk of accidents. Avery Dennison V-6700B Series Conspicuity Tape is:


Avery Dennison V-6700B Series Conspicuity Tape meets the requirements of the ECE 104, Class C regulation. V-6700B provides superior reflectivity and enhanced night-time safety.

Absolut Fencing - PVC Fencing

Absolute Fencing

PVC Fencing

PVC Fencing

The Absolut PVC Fencing range is the perfect solution to your fencing requirements. Our PVC products will not rot, chip nor peel. The PVC product does not need to be sanded, varnished nor painted. It will remain aesthetically beautiful from the day you install it for years to come.

20 Year Guarantee

The Absolut PVC Fencing Range of profiles and accessories is supported by a 20 year guarantee. The PVC product is manufactured from Titanium Dioxide (TiO²) which guarantees that the product will be UV resistant. The guarantee also ensures that the PVC product will not crack, become brittle or deteriorate in any way, in the harsh South African Climate.

Contact Details

Kenoron Products (PTY) LTD

Rowan Hemphill

Tel : +27 11 452 6604

Sales : Caryn Greyenstein

Mobile: +27 82 677 4388




Physical Address: 63 Plantation Road, Eastleigh, Edenvale, South Africa, 1609

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