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Our products are manufactured from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) or Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE), blow moulding grade. Where required, our containers are fluorinated.

Our products are categorised as follows:

5 Litre Plastic Containers

Jerry can 5 Litre Jerry Can
5 Litre Hex Can 5 Litre Hex Can

Our 5 Litre plastic containers include a jerry can as well as a hex can. All available in standard colours.

10 Litre Plastic Containers

Plastic Container10 Litre Polycan   
Jerry Can 10 Litre Utility Jerry Can

10 Litre Quickserve with Tap - The tap outlet is at the bottom of the drum, which then stands upright. 10 Litre Polycan - is stackable. 10 Litre Utility Jerry Can - Available with a pouring spout Also available with a tap fitting. Ideal for heavy duty applications. 10 Litre Reserve Fuel Can

20 / 25 Litre Plastic Containers

These are available in several different shapes. There is a square, a round, and three variations of a rectangular type 20 litre drum. All these products are stackable, and are ideal for Industrial and Domestic markets.
Square Drum - Excellent stackability.
Pallet Drum - Excellent space utilisation and stackability.
Jerry Can - Excellent space utilisation. Ideal for water, fuel and chemical storage.
Eazi-flow - Excellent space utilisation and stackability.

Material: All the Rigid Plastic Drums are manufactured from food grade high density polyethylene. They can be made in any colour  on request. The drums can be fluorinated if required.

25 Litre Quickserve - The tap outlet is at the bottom of the drum, which then stands upright. This drum is stackable and available without the tap if required. Ideal for water storage.

Plastic Container - Square ContainerSquare Drum
Pallet Drum ContainerPallet Drum
Quickserve ContainerQuickserve

Collapsible Jerry Can

These are available mainly in a 10 litre and 20 litre size. The 10 litre and 20 litre Collapsible Jerry Cans,
 are widely used by organisations such as UNICEF, UNHCR, RED CROSS and others, who are active in disaster relief Situations.

50 Litre Openhead Drum

50 Litre Openhead DrumOpenhead Drum w. lock ring
50 Litre Openhead Drum (With locking ring) - The square/round design with integrated handles allows for excellent space utilisation. The drum can hold 60 litres.
50 Litre Open head DrumOpenhead Drum with screw lid
The screw on lid gives excellent secure sealing. The drum has integrated handles and its square round design allows for excellent space utilisation. Stackable.

100 Litre Openhead Drum

100 Litre Open HEad Drum 100 Litre Openhead Drum
Easily stackable.

These Openhead Drums are widely used in the Chemical Industry, (Arch Chemicals for HTH etc), as well as the Fruit Industry for Fruit Pulp. The full range are stackable, and ideal for exports.

210 / 220 Plastic Drum

210 Litre Tighthead Polydrum Tighthead Drum 

210 Litre Tighthead drum - The drum has the same handling features as that of a steel drum. i.e. The same handling equipment can be used(Parrot Beak, Forklifts etc).

210 Litre Openhead DrumOpenhead Drum w.Lock ring
220 Litre Openhead Drum (With locking ring) - The drum has the same handling features as that of a steel drum. i.e. The same handling equipment can be used.
220 Litre Openhead Drum with LidOpenhead Drum w. screw lid

220 Litre Openhead Drum (With a screw on lid) - The screw on lid gives a secure seal and is tamper proof.

Custom Moulding

The Company has great expertise, and as such are known to do specialist moulding for specific customers. We make Plastic Bus Seats / Chair, Plastic umbrella stands, Plastic chicken nests, 5 litre bottles for the Lube Oil Industry, Bird Guards for Eskom, Plastic Wheels and Toys, and a Plastic Irrigation Kit drum, to name a few mouldings. M & S Plastics (Pty) Ltd have a wide range of machinery, which can accommodate various sizes of custom made products.

Plastic Watering Cans

Watering Can

M & S Plastics (Pty) Ltd make a 10 litre Watering Can, which is known for its robust, heavy duty and durable qualities.

Plastic Floor Tiles

M & S Plastics (Pty) Ltd were the innovators of the Interlocking Plasti-flor™ tile in Southern Africa. These plastic floor tiles are heavy duty (6.5mm thick) and do not require any adhesive when layed and fitted. They are ideal for many uses, such as computer rooms, storerooms, factories, garages etc.

The plastic interlocking tile, comes in two basic patterns – a raised medallion and a leathergrain finish.

The plastic floor tiles are made from recycled PVC and also available in any colour on request.


M & S Plastics (Pty) Ltd are known, for their vast expertise, and no plastic product is too difficult for their Management, who are innovative, and have been in the plastics industry for many years.

They have their own toolroom, and can manufacture moulds.

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