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Global Leader in Reliability & Innovation
ASB is now the world's leading maker of "One-Step" machines with subsidiaries in the United States, Brazil, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Germany, India, Singapore and China. These offices, together with business bases in Spain, Denmark and Indonesia, provide sales, and after-sales service to support the activities of a worldwide team of agents. With the world's leading share of One-Step Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machines (5,000 machines/10,000 molds delivered to 100 countries), the history of PET containers is the history of ASB. Today, our machines and molds are able to produce PET containers with advanced features such as Heat Resistance, Heat & Pressure Resistance, containers with Barrier Properties, and more. Equally important, ASB's global manufacturing, sales and service network ensures prompt response to your every question and service need.

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ASB-50MB - One Step Stretch Blow Moulding Machine

One step injection stretch blow moulding machine
* As a result of the successful launch and global acceptance, the ASB-50MB machine has been re-engineered to further enhance its capabilities.
* By the implementation of electric servo rotation and improved hydraulics the machine dry-cycle time is faster.
* With the addition of an upper component in the conditioning station the preform temperature can be more accurately profiled prior to blow molding ensuring an ideal match to the container geometry.
* Simple but effective fully automatic machine for the production of a wide variety of bottles in any market.
* Low initial investment for the machine and mold, ideal entry-level machine for PET bottle manufacture.

ASB - 70DPH - Small Bottle to Wide Mouth Jar Plastic Stretch Blow Moulding Machine

small bottle to wide mouth jar plastic injection At 70 tons, the injection mold clamping force is the highest in its class
A maximum neck of 110mm in 2 cavity configuration or 89mm in 4 cavity configuration puts it way ahead of the competition.
* This machine is highly versatile and capable of producing an extensive range of products
Large wide mouth jars to small, narrow neck bottles (from 1 cavity with a max. 7L, 145mm neck to 12 cavities with a max. 100mL, 16mm neck) from PET and other materials such as PEN, PP and PC.
* Specialized applications
Enhanced barrier containers can be produced on a hybrid machine from the ASB range for the production of multi-layer containers
* Environmental awareness
The use of recycled material is being demanded more often nowadays. Recycled PET flake can be processed on a standard machine used in conjunction with the appropriate ancillary equipment.

ASB - HSO 121 - 2 Litre High Heat Resistance Plastic Bottle Blow Moulding Machine

* Reheat Stretch Blow Moulding for High Quality, High Temperature Heat Resistant PET Bottles
The preforms supplied from a separate process are fed into the reheating unit and whilst being rotated their temperature profile is adjusted. The heated preforms are blown oversize in the primary blow mold then transferred to the second clamping unit in which they are heat set. Next, they are again reheated and blown into the final form.
An outstanding advantage of the HSO system is the double blow heat processing, by dividing the operation into two stages, the machine cycle time is not sacrificed and high-temperature uniform heat conditioning can be achieved. Bottles manufactured by the ASB double blow method (direct contact and oven systems) have exceptional crystal density and quality enabling production of the highest heat resistant bottles available in the industry.
* High Productivity
Fast linear indexing is performed by precise servo actuators for unparalleled cleanliness and speed. Servo valves are used for mold clamping and stretching to ensure high speed stable operation. The HSO-12L (12 cavity) machine produces approx. 4,300 2L heat resistant PET bottles per hour. The double row blow clamping mechanism is interconnected for compactness. Compared with the HSO-6 (6 cavity), floor space is reduced by 25% relative to productivity.
* High Functionality and Easy Operation
All movements can be manually operated from the control panel by which operation is simplified and setting time reduced. Position in key locations is monitored by linear transducers thereby adjustments can be effected easily. Various optional equipment can further improve productivity, functionality and operability dependant upon the container requirements.

Examples of types of PET Bottles for drinks, food and other applications that can be manufactured using the ASB Range of Blow Moulding Machines:

products which can be manufactured using ASB range of Blow Moulding Machinesproducts which can be manufactured using ASB range of Blow Moulding Machines

products which can be manufactured using ASB range of Blow Moulding Machinesproducts which can be manufactured using ASB range of Blow Moulding Machines

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