Injection moulders of plastic products & Ezee Flow™ ball valves.
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Plastic Injection Moulding - Plastic Ball Valves

Plastic Injection Moulders, Ball Valves, Shut off Valves


Plastinternational - Plastic Injection Moulding

Our plastic injection moulding plant is situated in Meadowdale, Johannesburg and converts a wide range of thermoplastic resins, from general purpose types, such as Polypropylene, Polyethylene and A.B.S., to engineering types, such as POM, PA and Polycarbonate.
Proprietary Products :

Ezee Flow™

Ball Valves / Shut off Valves

The Ezee Flow™ brand was borne out of Plastinternational's longstanding investment with Elster Kent water metering company. Our R & D developed the well known 1/2 ball valve over 9 years ago. This valve has been extensively used by Elster Kent in their E23 water meter management system. To date over a million of these valves are in use in the field.
We are currently broadening our already successful Ezee Flow™ range of ball valves / shut off valves, by adding superior quality fittings and othe r components.

plastic valves plastic valves one inch vavle quater inch valve ball valve

As for the original ball valve / shut off valve, according to Ambrosi, close on one million of them are in use in the local market, predominantly in water metering applications, and a number are in use in the international market – and sales are still going strong.

The ball valve / shut off valve range is available in sizes from ¼ inch to 1inch and offer specific benefits when compared with brass valves. These benefits include:
- Resistance to micro-organisms because the PP housing material cannot be penetrated by micro-organisms.
- Physiological compatibility. Industrial and pharmaceutical laboratories have tested the PP housing material in acute and chronic animal   feed trials, and after two years, no damage attributable to the plastic could be detected in the animal organs.
-Compliance with food legislation, including the specifications of the USA’s Food & Drug Administration, as well as Germany’s BGA Vll  and BGA lX.

The mechanical properties of the ball valves / shut off valves are 20 bar continuous pressure with cold water, and 10 bar continuous pressure at 60oC with hot water. Plastinternational’s ball valve range has been further extended and now also includes a limited range of fittings for fusion welding applications.

irrigation manifolds Irrigation Manifolds
wall mounted file holders
Wall Mounted Plastic File Holders

Custom Injection Moulded Products

Our custom plastic injection moulded products include: Swimming Pool Products, Electronic Security Sysytems ( Plastic Remotes, Plastic Control Boxes, Antenna's), Water Meter Plastic Housings & Components, Conveyor Systems, Electronic components such as Switch Boxes, Domestic and Garden Products, such as plastic plant baskets, Plastic Floor Tiling , Plastic Sanitary Bins.

plastic swimming pool parts
plastic sanitary bins with lids
plastic remotes, and housings
plastic water meter housings and components - including our valves

We assist you from design to finished product

The company's primary focus is thermo-plastic conversion and is centered around:

Design Services
We offer assistance and advice on product design to ensure best practises are followed with regards to the injection moulding process. We are able to offer our customers a 3D visual presentation of their concept with the use of development programs such as Solid Works and AutoCAD.

Tooling Services
An in house tool room to manufacture Tool and Dies and an add on service for our customers that offers annual maintenance for their moulds.

Injection Moulding Services
12 Injection Moulding Machines, ranging from 20 ton to 350 ton (from 1g to over 900g shot weight)
Including general assembly of finished products services.

Quality Control Services
Our production facilities are run inaccordance with ISO standards. Fulltime employee commitment to quality control.

Waste Management Services
Re-granulation facilities in order to minimise waste that affects our environment

Contact Details


Tel : +27 11 392-4008

Fax : +27 11 392-2343



Physical Address : 29 Bell Street Meadowdale, South Africa

Postal Address : P O Box 1584, Edenvale, 1610
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