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Precision Gauging Probes and Measuring Instruments

Solartron Measuring Instruments

Solartron Metrology Measuring Instruments

Solartron Metrology is a world leader in precision dimensional and position measurement transducers & instrumentation. Solartron Analogue & Digital Gauge Probes and displacement transducers are renowned for their accuracy and long life in shop floor applications world-wide. Linear Encoders offer accuracies to 0.4µm with measuring ranges to 100mm.

In the laboratory, on the shop floor or in the field, Solartron Metrology's products provide precise linear measurements for quality control, test and measurement and machine control. Solartron Metrology is a world leader in the innovation, design and manufacture of precision digital and analogue dimensional LVDT gauging probes, displacement sensors, optical linear encoders and associated instrumentation.

Orbit® 3 Digital Gauging and Positioning Network

Digital Guaging and PositioningOrbit® 3 Gauging and Positioning Network is a modern Digital alternative to conventional Analogue LVDT based systems. The flexibility of the Orbit® Digital Sensor Network makes a substantial contribution to the increased performance, and reduced costs, of automotive and bearing Metrology.

Significant improvements in pre-operation Gauging of turbine components have resulted in very large cost savings through the reduction of bad parts. The high resolution and speed of the Orbit® Gauging Network has proved invaluable in high volume Mechatronic component gauging.

The Orbit® 3 64 bit Sensor Network is not dedicated to a single sensor technology and therefore releases the system designer and service engineer to focus on common sensor connections and communication with PC’s and PLC’s via USB, RS232 serial interface, RS485 200 channel PCI card or Ethernet module.

Orbit® ACS Automation and Control System

Solartron Metrology, the world leader in linear measurement, introduces Orbit® ACS , which stands for Automation and Control Systems. The first product is the SI 100, which is a simple one channel stand-alone unit for quick measurement and PLC output. The SI 200 comes with a probe, integral screen, and PLC output, but can also connect to one Orbit® digital probe via T-con for a two channel system. All modules will carry the same accuracy, repeatability, and durability as a standard Orbit® probe.

Solartron Automation and Control System

Displacement Sensors - S Series

Displacement SensorThe S Series of LVDT Displacement Transducers is the culmination of many years' experience gained from Solartron Metrology's highly successful Mach One range plus careful note of market feedback.
The Stainless steel body with improved sealing options of IP65 or IP67, coupled with new polymer guides with rigid carriers, ensure that the transducers keep working accurately and reliably, especially in wet or corrisive conditions.
An unusually large bore to core clearance is maintained throughout the range, even on transducers fitted with onboard signal conditioning, enabling easier installation and making the assembly more forgiving of misalignment.

Digital Gauging Probes

Spring Push ProbeWhether the application is in a manufacturing environment or in a laboratory, Solartron Metrology’s extensive range of gauge probes has something suitable for a very wide range of environments. Customised sensor solutions can be designed and produced when there is not an exact fit in our standard product range.

Digital Automatic Probes (Pneumatic)

Digital-autmatic-pneumatic-probesPneumatic Probes are ideal for use in automatic gauging applications or for accessing details that would be difficult or impossible to reach using conventional spring push probes. Some materials such as glass or plastic, for example, require vey low tip forces to avoid deformiong the component and contact tip materials that do not leave a mark. Other applications may require hight tip forces.

  • Measurement Range (mm): 2-20
    Accuracy (% of reading): 0.5-0.7
    Tip Force (N): 0.7-0.8

GEMCO Series Magnetostrictive Displacement Transducers

The S953 VMAX Linear Displacement Transducer is the ideal solution for automation solutions requiring accurate feedback of continuous position. It is especially recommended in environments where vibrations, extreme temperature and contaminants are present. The S953 is an ideal solution when velocity and position need to be incorporated into the automation control system process.
Magnetostrictive Displacement Transducers


    • 25.4 mm to 7620 mm measuring range.
    • <0.01% linearity
    • Vibration resistant up to 30G
    • Shock Resistant up to 1000G
    • Tricolour diagnostic LED
    • All standard current and voltage outputs
    • RS, VP, CP and TP Digital outputs
    • IP 68
    • Protective housings for harsh environments

Instruments for Orbit Sensors

Digital Displays for Orbit sensors are available in a wide range allowing for simple to complex applications. All displays feature serial communication and digital I/O to allow PLC, PC and foot switches to operate the instruments. All instruments except SI1500 have a locking feature to prevent unauthorised altering of settings.

Single Channel Digital Display
Multi Channel Digital Display
16 channel computer display
30 Channel Digital Display

Signal Conditioning Electronics

The electrical performance of an analogue displacement transducer is only as good as the signal conditioning allows.
Solartron Metrology has used its considerable experience to produce signal conditioning, numerical displays and controllers that enhance the performance of its analogue transducers and ensure simple and reliable connection to instrumentation and control systems.


Custom Sensor Engineering

Custom Sensor EngineeringSolartron has complete in-house control over all aspects of the design and manufacture of their extensive range of products, which has enabled many years' experience in providing cost effective customised solutions for OEMs and system integrators. Solartron has the design and manufacturing capability to produce the full spectrum of customised high volume cost effective LVDT based sensors.

  • Measurement ranges from 0.5mm to 300mm.
  • Body diameter 6 to 19mm.
  • Excellent body length to electrical stroke ratio.
  • Accuracy - 0.1%.
  • Digital, AC or DC/DC models available.

WiGauge® Wireless Bore Gauge

The WiGauge® Wireless Bore Gauge offers increased efficiency, flexibility and uncompromised accuracy in the palm of your hand. By eliminating the need for cables to download the measurement data, the WiGauge® Wireless Bore Gauge offers manufacturers greater freedom in workstation design and practice.

This Bluetooth® wireless bore gauge has a range of at least 15 metres for data transmission and upto 7 WiGauge® wireless bore gauges can be linked to a single system.

The rugged, high precision WiGauge® Wireless Bore Gauge from Solartron Metrology is IP65 rated and is compatible with industry standard M6 and M10 gauge head threads. The transducer is linear along its full measuring range, making it east to set up and adaptable for applications other than bore gauging.

The Attached NiMH battery pack delivers up to 10 hours of continuous data transmission and can be removed for offline recharging.

  • Wireless Bore Guage10mm and 6mm fixing threads (as used on most Gauge Heads)
  • Up to 0.1µm resolution (user selectable)
  • Upto 15m range, via Class One Bluetooth®
  • Upto 7 WiGauge® Wireless Bore Gauges connected to a single receiver
  • 10 hours battery life (based on continuous data transmission)
  • Fast battery recharge
  • IP 65 protection
  • Audio indication of data transmission
  • Pass/fail range lights

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