Premier Packaging are suppliers of a wide range of plastic packaging products in South Africa.

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Premier Packaging (Pty)Ltd supply a range of packaging products. These include : Plastic Bottles, Jars & Drums, Cups & Tubs, Plastic Buckets, Detergent Bottles, PET & PVC Bottles & Jars, Bettix & Agri Bottles, PVC Containers, Tablet Vitamin Containers, Steel Drums and Paint Tins. Premier Packaging was established in February 1987, with the objective of supplying a packaging service to customers who, were either too small for the major suppliers, or were not prepared to put up with the delivery lead times.

HDPE Bottles

Plastic Bottles - HDPE Bottles 20ml - 1 Litre Dropper Bottles, Finger Spray Bottles, Lotion Pumps, Bottles with Sauce Cap, Bottles with Oil Spout Cap.


hdpe jars - plastic jarsPlastic Jars - 35mm - 250mm, 100gm, 250gm, 500gm, 1kg jars with caps.

Spray Bottles

Plastic Spray Bottles Spray bottles with nozzles and adjustable trigger.

Dairy Bottles

Plastic Dairy Bottles Plastic Dairy Bottles : 2 Litre, 4 Litre, 500 ml , 1 Litre

Detergent Bottles

Detergent Bottles General Purpose, JIK& Bleach Bottles. Different colours available, 750 ml - 1.5 l

Detergent Bottles

Dishwashing Liquid Bottles 750 ml  Oil Bottle   750 ml Dishwashing Liquid Bottle & Cap

PET Bottles & Jars

PET Plastic Bottles 5 Litre PET Bottle 350 ml, 500 ml , 1.5 Litre, 2 Litre

Plastic Buckets

Plastic Buckets Plastic Buckets : 500ml, 1lt , 2lt , 2.5lt , 5lt ,10lt , 20lt , 25lt

HDPE Drums

Open Head Drum Plastic Drum 50 Litre - 220 Litre, Open Head Drums, Plus Lid and Span Band

Plastic Drums

Plastic Containers Plastic Drums : 10Litre, 20Litre and 25 Litre

Tablet Containers

Plastic Tablet Containers Vitamin Bottles : 90ml, 125ml, 175ml, 250ml, Tablet Containers : 250ml, 300ml

Vitamin Containers

Vitamin Bottles Vitamin and Tablet containers with foil seals & pressure sensitive seals.

Agri Bottles

Agri Bottles

100 ml , 200 ml , 250 ml , 500 ml, 1 Litre, 5 Litre

Bettix Bottles

Bettix Bottle for Agricultural Use

100 ml , 200 ml, 500 ml, 1 Litre Dosing Bottles used for agricultural and veterinary applications.

Stand Up Pouches

Doy Packs / Stand Up Pouches Various sized Doy Packs for your plastic packaging requirements.

Custom Packaging

Custom Packaging Custom packaging moulds.

Steel Drums

Steel Drums 25 Litre Open Head Drum + Lug Lid, 25 Litre Tight Head Drum with screw cap

Paint Tins & Cans

Steel Drums and Paint Tins Range of paint tins, Polish Tins in various sizes.

Aerosol Cans

Aerosol Cans Various sizes available

Promotional Tins

Promotional Tins Various sizes available

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Premier Packaging


Tel : +27 11 397-3532/3/4

Fax : +27 11 397-5021 d



Physical Address : 49 Rudo Nel Street Hughes Ext. 5, Boksburg, South Africa

Postal Address : P O Box 13214, Witfield, 1467, South Africa

Cape Town

Tel : +27 21 552 2987/ +27 21 552 3441



Physical Address : Unit 6, 8 Track Crescent,Montague Gardens,

Postal Address :P O Box 13214, Witfield, 1467, South Africa


Tel : +27 31 492 2149



Physical Address :83 Intersite Avenue Springfield, Durban

Postal Address :P O Box 13214, Witfield, 1467, South Africa

Contact Us Tel
+27 (011) 866 1120

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Physical Address & Map Nr 4 Log Road, Roodekop, Germiston, South Africa

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