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Reef Diamond Techniques

Reef Diamond Techniques and Bellefield Tooling

We stock a wide range of slot drills, end mills, ball nose cutters, tungsten carbide cutters and jobber drills. These we import from M.A Ford.

Specials - End Mills - Slot Drills End Mills Slot Drills Reamers Drills

Carbide Cutters

MA Ford, Argofile Polishing Equipment, Strauss Industrial Products, Kaefer Measuring Instruments, Vallorbe Files, Wendt grinding Wheels,
Other products we import are:
Carbide rods & strips
Polishing stones
Vallorbe Files
Wendt Grinding Wheels
Auto Wells Machine Vices
Argofile Polishing Machines

Electroplated Pins
JBO Thread Guages
Hufnagel High Speed Tool Bits
JMC Guages, Taps, Dies and Milling Cutters
Kaefer Measuring Instruments
Solartron Metrology Testing and Measurement and Process Control Equipment

M.A.Ford - Solid Carbide and HSS - High Performance Cutting Tools

M.A. Ford's family of standard carbide and HSS cutting tools encompasses thousands of products in 10 individual product lines. This includes on of the industry's most complete offerings of high precision hole-making tools, ranging from .0039-inch diameter circuit board drills to 3.0-inch diameter counter-sinks.
Solid Carbide Cutting ToolsProduct Categories include:
Carbide Drills
High Performance Carbide Drills
Carbide and H.S.S. Countersinks
Carbide Reamers
Carbide Boring Tools
High Performance Carbide End Mills
Carbide End Mills and Routers
Carbide Burs and Grinding Tools
Carbide Circuit Board Drills, Diamond Grind Routers and Miniature Tools(Miniature Boring Tools, End Mills, Burs, Drills and Reamers)

Polishing Equipment

Finishing StonesDiemaker Finishing Stones
For general purpose stoning on hard and soft grades of mold steel and for pre-finishing of aluminium, beryllium, copper and kirksite. Can be used in a profiler or ultrasonic polisher.
A polishing cloth made with pure diamonds.
Ideal for touching up carbide, tool steels, glass and most hard materials. The Gem Cloth can be used by hand or reciprocating and rotary power tools.
A Range of Polishing Wheel Brushes
Miniature mandrel-mounted cup and wheel brushes are made with solid steel ring construction for durability. Brush filaments are permanently anchored in the solid steel ring and uniformly distributed for even wear. Great for flat, curved, small and hard-to-reach surfaces. hard and soft bristle types made of animal hair. Also available - wire wheel brushes, wood hub bristle wheel brushes, wire wheel scratch brushes.

Ultrasonic Polishing Equipment

Ultra Sonic Polishing Equipment
Polishing Cloth
Polishing Supplies
Polishing Wheel Brushes

Argofile Polishing Equipment

Argofile Polishing Equipment Argofile ControllerArgofile Pistol Grip Reciprofile
Lightweight and comfortable handpieces for contiuous polishing
Adjustable stroke and floating head with 360° orientation
Weight : 675g
Dimensions: 128mm x 140mm

Argofile Dual Controller:
Power pack type PA11 with two output stations and individual speed controller enables 2 operators function.
Heavy duty circuitry and overload function provides superior torque to AF series handpieces when applied to PA11.
Weight: 3kg, Dimensions: 200mm x 170mm x 200mm
Available with Foot Controls.
Single Station Controller available - control by hand or foot control.

Rappold Grinding Wheels

Rappold Grinding WheelsRappold Precision Grinding wheels.

External Cylindrical Grinding
Internal Cylindrical Grinding
Centerless Grinding
Tool Grinding
Profile Grinding, Surface Grinding
Thread and Worm Grinding
Gear Grinding

Wendt Grinding Wheels

Grinding WheelsWendt Grinding Wheels
Full Range of FEPA Standard Wheels  from Diameter 5mm to 750mm
-Fine Grit Wheels for Watch Industry -  Ewag and Agathon Machines
-Thin and Sharp Wheels for Optical   Profile Grinding Wheels
-High performance Diamond and CBN Wheels for CNC Tool Cutter Grinders  like Walter, Reinecker, Haro, Schreyer,  WIDMA etc.
-Insert Grinding Wheels for WAM, WBM and Agathon Machines.
-Double Disc Grinding Wheels - (500mm x 40mm and 300mm x 100mm Face  Widths)
-Centreless Grinding Wheels

Wolframcarb Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten Carbide RodsWolframcarb Tungsten Carbide
Wolframcarb manufacture tungsten carbide tools for all purposes and for all application fields, available in standard geometrics or produced according to customer's special drawing.

Wolframbarb manufacture Rods, Bars, Tips for Plastic and Metal Cutting

Strauss Diamond Files and Tools

Strauss Industrial Diamond Tools
DIamond FilesStrauss Diamond Files
Mini Files used where fine and accurate work is necessary.
Diamond Needle Files used for grinding different metals and hard materials such as tungsten carbide, steels, ceramic materials, glass etc.
HBB Files for filing large areas and can be used for filing various hard metals and epoxy materials. HB Files are manufactured in large sizes for filing large areas of different metals as well as hard plastics, fiberglass, graphite and epoxy materials.
Files for Reciprocating File Machines
are adapted for dies, molds and most other tool shop requirements.
CF Files are mainly used in internal grinding operations where access is difficult.
Riffle Files are used for grinding different metals, where access by other files is difficult.
RM Files are used mainly on especially large curved areas where access is difficult.
Turbine Diamond Files are designed for extremely fine and small applications.
Multi File System is widely used in the plastic molds and aluminium extruders industries, these a very wise but very flat files.

Vallorbe Swiss Files - Milling Cutters and Files

Milling CuttersVallorbe manufacture a range of miling cutters:
Slotting End Mills, , Dovetail cutters, T-Slot Cutters, Side and Face Shell End Mills, Side Milling Cutters, Centre Drills, Counterbore Tools. Vallorbe Files

Vallorbe Files
Vallorbe Files manufacture precision files for a range of applications : Jewellers, Mechanics, Watchmakers, Mouldmakers, Aeronautical Engineers, and Lumber Jacks all use Vallorbe Files.

Auto Well Machine Vices

Auto Well Milling Machine Vise
-Machine ViceMinimum bending of vise body
-Highest clamping power
-Rigid ductile iron body that never breaks
-Simple mechanism free from disorders
-Guaranteed Accuracy

Material is highest quality ductile iron 80 000 PSI
Flame hardened bed
important ground surfaces include top and bottom of vise bed, tops of both jaws in pairs, all jaw plate mounting surfaces.

Hufnagel Precision High Speed Tool Bits

High Speed Tool Bits
Hufnagel Round HSS - polished on all sides Cutting Bit

Hufnagel Square HSS - polished on all sides Cutting Bit

Hufnagel HSS Cutting Bit rectangular - polished on all sides


Kaefer Measuring Equipment - Precision Dial Guages

Measuring Equipment

Dial Test Indicators - Lever Type
Kaefer precise components, borne in ruby bearings, warrant highest precision throughout. They are both sensitive and shock-resistant.

K30(far left) and K40(left)

-Automatic change of the direction of measurement. Indication clockwise in all types
-Body with 3 dovetail slides for clamping the stem and other equipment
-Precision bearings for the test lever shaft
-Tungsten Carbide balls in measuring inserts
-Scales adjustable by knurled bezel

Solartron Metrology Testing and Measurement and Process Control Equipment

Spring Push Probe
Digital Gauging Probes
Whether the application is in a manufacturing environment or in a laboratory, Solartron Metrology’s extensive range of gauge probes has something suitable for a very wide range of environments. Customised sensor solutions can be designed and produced when there is not an exact fit in our standard product range.

Wireless Bore GuageWiGauge® Wireless Bore Gauge
The WiGauge® Wireless Bore Gauge offers increased efficiency, flexibility and uncompromised accuracy in the palm of your hand. By eliminating the need for cables to download the measurement data, the WiGauge® Wireless Bore Gauge offers manufacturers greater freedom in workstation design and practice.

Digital Guaging and PositioningOrbit® 3 Digital Gauging and Positioning Network
Orbit® 3 Gauging and Positioning Network is a modern Digital alternative to conventional Analogue LVDT based systems. The flexibility of the Orbit® Digital Sensor Network makes a substantial contribution to the increased performance, and reduced costs, of automotive and bearing Metrology.

More Solartron testing and measurement products


JMC Threading Dies and Machine Taps

JMC Machine Tap
Threading DiesMachine Taps Blind Through Holes

JMC Machine Taps Through Holes

JMC Machine Taps Through Holes

JMC Threading Dies


JBO Thread Guages, Thread Milling Cutters and Thread Cutting Dies

High Performance Thread Cutting Dies
JBO manufacture carbide dies for threads approx. 16mm dia. upwards and for pitches from 1 to 2.5 mm or 11 to 24 tpi to DIN EN specifications. Bell form type and special size dies to suit customer requirements can also be supplied.
Thread GuagesSolid CarbideJBO solid carbide dies cut the cost of producing threaded parts appreciably.
JBO solid carbide thread cutting dies last 15 - 30 times longer than HSS dies.

JBO Solid Carbide Thread Milling Cutters
Types include:

-Solid Carbide Thread Milling Cutters for Internal Threads
-Solid Carbide Thread Milling Cutters for Internal and External Threads
-BGF Solid Carbide Combined Drilling and thread Milling Tools for Internal Threads
-Solid Carbide Thread Milling Cutters with Spotfacing and / or Chamfering Teeth
-Solid Carbide Thread Milling Cutters with Counterbore
-Solid Carbide Thread Milling Cutters with Coolant Channels on Shank or Coolant Holes in Flutes
-Shell Type Milling Cutters
-Shell Type Thread Milling Cutters


BELLEFIELD TOOLING - Specialised Manufacture of tooling for the motor & mining industry

Manufacture of specialised tooling for motor and mining industryBellefield Tooling manufacture with our main area of expertise being specialised tooling for the motor & mining industry – specifically in form inserts, form cutters and a wide range of form and core drills. All of these are manufactured from tungsten carbide or high speed steel.

Tungsten tipped boring and form tools for automatic production machines, as well as tungsten carbide & high speed steel spade drills also form a big part of our manufacturing portfolio.

We also supply standard brazed tools, the size and shape can be altered to suit the specific needs of the client.

Sharpening of Milling Cutters, Wire Cutting & General Engineering

carbide form toolsm carbide dies - general engineeringOther services offered are the sharpening of milling cutters and grinding of radius’s, face cutters, slot drills and end mills.

General engineering is also an important part of our production. Wear plates, as well as numerous other components for the mining industry are examples.

We can also assist you with any wire cutting requirements, the cutting of carbide dies, carbide form tools, punches and broaches.

Contact Us

Reef Diamond Techniques

Director: Kurt Myburgh

Tel : +27 11 493-0991/1003

Fax : +27 11 493-9044


Bellefield Tooling

Director: Shane Myburgh

Tel :011 493-8370

Fax : 011 493-9044



Physical Address : 45 Bossman Street, Ophirton, South Africa

Postal Address : P O Box 82189, Southdale, 2135, South Africa
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