Manufacture of Rigid Polyurethane Foam Blocks and Supply of Polyurethane Systems

Rigifoam and Resichem

Description of Business:

manufacture a range of rigid Polyurethane and Polyisocyanurate (PIC) foam blocks and profile cut these to any 2 dimensional shape required by our customers. With its excellent thermal insulation properties some of the typical applications for profiled rigid polyurethane foam are:

- Insulated truck body and Cold room panels
-Pipe and tank insulation for the Petrochemical industry, Breweries, Tank container industry etc.
- Foundries
- Signage

2D Cut Profiles 2D Cut Profiles

Thermal Insualtion Panels Thermal Insulation Panels

Isotainer Isotainer Insulation

Insulated Truck Body

2D Profiling Machine 2 D Profiling Machine

Resichem develop, formulate and supply 2 component flexible and rigid polyurethane systems that find application in :
- Domestic and commercial appliances
- Panels for cold rooms, prefabricated buildings,
roof insulation etc.
- Automotive and office seating, arm rests etc.   
- Decorative and wood imitation mouldings
- Protective packaging
- Boat Bouyancy
- Spray foam insulation

Automotive and Office Seating Automotive & Office Seating

Carpet Foam Sound Insulating Carpet Foams

CFC-Free integral skin

Fridges Keeping the Cold Inside

Pipe Insulation Pipe Insulation

Composite panels Composite panels - light yet sturdy

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