Polydrum manufactures blow moulded plastic containers used in the chemical, agricultural and oil industries as well as roto moulded plastic water tanks - 1000 Litres and 5000 Litres.
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Manufacture Plastic Drum Containers, Plastic Jerry Cans & Plastic Water Tanks

Blow Moulding & Roto Moulding of Plastic Containers

Polydrum Proprietary Limited is a young and innovative company, which manufactures blow moulded plastic containers used in the chemical, agricultural and oil industries as well as roto moulded products used in various applications. It specialises in 5L, 20L, 25L, 210L and 250L plastic drums, offered in various weights and colours, tailored to suite the customer's needs.

Manufacture Plastic Containers - Plastic Jerry Cans and Plastic Drums
Plastic Drums
Plastic Caps and Closures

Manufacture Blow Moulded Plastic Containers - Blow Pack Containers

Polydrum has a high tech manufacturing facility which offers mould design and tool making facilities in-house.

Our products are UN compliant and are manufactured using food grade material.

Polydrum offers their manufacturing facilities as well as in house mould design and tool making.

Insimbi Alloy Supplies Proprietary Limited ("Insimbi") the main operating company within the Insimbi Group of Companies acquired 75% of Polydrum issued shares in 2015. The Acquisition diversified Insimbi's as well as Polydrum's product offering to its existing client base which is continually expanding as a result of organic growth.

Polydrum is a plastic blow moulding business specialising in the blow moulding of a wide range of high quality and durable plastic products from plastic drums to swimming pool filters.

Plastic Jerry Cans & Plastic Drums

Plastic Jerry Cans

5L Jerry cans
In weights ranging from 120g to 220g
20L Jerry cans
In weights ranging from 800g to 1400g
In rectangular, square and round shapes
25L Jerry cans
In weights ranging from 850g to 1400g
In rectangular, square and round shapes

Plastic Drums

210L and 250L Plastic Drums
Weighing 9.5kg
Open Top Drums
Tight Head Drums
Ring Lock Drums
Blow Moulded Plastic Drums

Optional Extras

Flourination, Breather caps, (osmosis or "umbrella" type for 20L to 250L containers), Safety ties and bung locking systems for tamper evident closure of 20L to 250L containers, Printing for 5L to 250L containers and Label application.

Roto Moulded Plastic Water Tanks / Water Harvesting Tanks

Roto moulding is a process for manufacturing hollow plastic products. Rotational molding has particular advantages in terms of relatively low levels of residual stresses and inexpensive moulds.

Polydrum expanded their product basket with the installation of a roto moulding plant in the Wadeville premises. It focuses on water harvesting products and currently specialises in the 1000L and 5000L Plastic Water Tanks.

Plastic Water Tanks

1000L Plastic Water Tanks
5000L Plastic Water Tanks
Roto Moulded Plastic Water Tanks

SABS Approved & ISO Accredited

Selected products carry a UN rating as awarded by the SABS and all containers manufactured in our plant are virgin grade HDPE materials which carry EU and FDA food grade approval. All of our products are manufactured to strict quality controls which consist of leak testing and product weighing to ensure consistency. A Quality Management Systemare is in the process to be ISO 9001:2008 accredited and being implemented, prior to audits for Accreditation and Listing.

Manufacturing Plants & Product Distribution

Polydrum head office is situated in Wadeville, Johannesburg where the majority of manufacturing currently takes place and a large variety of stocks are warehoused. Polydrum Durban opened in October 2015 with a warehouse and manufacturing facilities of 20L and 25L drums which is situated in Jacobs, where stocks are held and managed according to our client requirements.

We manufacture & supply innovative products to a wide range of industries.

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+27 (0) 11 902 8923

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Physical Address & Map 360 Crocker Road, Wadeville Ext 4, Germiston, Gauteng, South Africa
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We strive to make the world better a place with each product we produce.

Member of the Insimbi Group of Companies
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