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With over 30 years' experience, we have maintained an operating philosophy that resonates with our customers, with many rave reviews and testimonials. Our agile approach aligns to the contemporary needs and changes that play out in our industry. Some of flagship products namely; Supermaster, Jetmaster and Easymaster, are testimony to our commitment to customer value with each investment made.
Supermaster Injection Moulding Machines Supermaster Injection Moulding Machines
Jetmaster  Injection Moulding Machines Jetmaster Injection Moulding Machines
Easymaster  Injection Moulding Machines Easymaster Injection Moulding Machines

Our core focus is to provide systems that support our client's business.

Investments in machines, professional training and service standards ensures we provide the best customer experience possible.

Technical back up and support in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town is assurance of our dedication to our clients.
Our commitment to professional and service excellence can be proven through:

    • A free consultation
    • Emergency breakdown support
    • Preventative maintenance solutions
    • Service & support contracts
    • Machine selection advisory service
    • Turnkey project management
    • Onsite & telephonic support
    • Retro-fitting existing installations

ChumPower PET Stretch Blow Moulding Machine

ChumPower PET Stretch Blow Moulding Machines

Chum Power Stretch Blow Moulding Machines

Chumpower has over years of experiences in manufacturing, our efforts in product improvement have enabled us to fulfill the market niche of cost effective high-speed stretch blow molding machine.

- Reliable and cost effective
- Easy to operate and maintain
- Hydraulic clamping
- Full-electric version also avaiable

Bottle applications: Mineral water, CSD, Sauces, Still drinks, Teas, Ketchup, Fruit juices, Distilled waters, Alcoholic drinks, Edible Oils, Household, Cosmetics

Super Master

Super Master Injection Moulding Machines

Jet Master Injection Moulding Machine 98 - 228 Ton

Plastic Injection Moulding Machine Suppliers South Africa

Jetmaster Injection Moulding Machine 98 - 228 ton

Energy Saving Injection Moulding Machine

The Jetmaster Ai-series of injection moulding machine with intelligent controls is the new flagship product line of the Chen Hsong Group. The high-end series combines the high performance “Ai-02” intelligent computer controller(built-in networking, intelligent diagnostic and on-line assistance)with hydraulic circuit optimized by the best European and Japanese expertise, resulting in even higher speed, shorter cycle times, significantly better control precision and unmatched ease-of-use.


Multiplas Vertical Injection Moulding Machines

Multiplas Vertical Injection Moulding machines

Established in 1988, Multiplas is a leading industrial solutions provider that offers versatile moulding solutions. Multiplas is an Industry Representative for Insert Molding Technologies, And A Leader of Injection Molding Machine Manufacturers in Taiwan.
Multiplas provides technical injection molding applications such as: insert molding, multi-component (or multi-color) molding, thermoset injection molding (for BMC and rubber), liquid injection molding (for LSR), powder injection molding (for metal and ceramic), in-mould-decoration molding (IML/IMR/IMF), and micro injection molding etc.

General purpose for single-component applications and General purpose for multi-component or multi-color applications.

Wutung Pad Printers

Wutung Pad Printers

Wutung Group has been developed with three subsidiaries for different product lines: Wutung Engineering Co. Ltd., Sun Kong Screen Printing Equipment Ltd, Co., and Do.Well Swiss Ltd, Co.,. The group expand its product range from traditional pad printing and screen printing machines to all kinds of automatic printing equipments, flexographic presses and automatic assembly production line. Wutung Engineering Co. Ltd. works on the production of pad Printing Equipments, provide one to six colors with optional sizes and pad printing consumables.

Print Master Pad Printing Machines
- Single Color Printing Machine
- Two Color Pad Printing Machines
- Three Color Printing Machines
- Four Color Printing Machines

Everplast Machinery

Everplast Profile Extruders

Everplast Profile Extruders

Everplast provides professional facilities and high quality services, and we will always be your trusted business partner.

Offers a variety of extrusion line, Everplast Machinery / E-Plast are very specialized in the manufacture of the machinery equipment for extrusion line, plastic extruder, twin screw extruder, PVC profile extrusion machine

For profile and compounding production system, we provide PVC horizontal twin screw extruders EMD-65, EMD-90, EMD-110, EMD-130 and conical twin screw extruders EMD-51-C, EMD-55-C, EMD-65-C, EMD-80-C, EMD-92-C, output ranges from 100 to 1500KGS/HR.

Kai Mei PET Injection Stretch Blow Moulding Machines

Kai Mei PET Injection Stretch Blow Moulding Machines

Everplast Profile Extruders

Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. established in 1977, is a highly reputed manufacturer of blow molding machines. Different types of machines are designed to produce containers of various raw materials such as PE, PVC, PP, PETG, PU, etc.

Major features and innovations of MIB 85-C INJECTION STRETCH BLOW MOLDING MACHINE are:
It is a handled PC water bottle, and it only needs one machine to finish the process of injection and blowing. It is an integrated, one-step, and multi-function machine. Handle and bottle belong to one kind of raw material. Raw Material is easy to recycle. Same kind of raw material is easy to deal with during recycle. Save money, save space, and save energy. MIB 85-C machine not only can save energy, but also can save environmental protection. Few flash. Flash of this machine only has 2.56%.

Reinhardt Rotational Moulding Machines

Reinhardt Rotational Moulding Machines

reinhardt rotomoulding machines

With the dawn of Reinhardt New Generation RSX Series Machines, operating a rotomoulding machines has become so easy that even one man can operate the entire machine and get the desirable production of moulded products. While making RSX series machines, we emphasise on two important factors - Usability and Performance.

Index Shuttle RSX - New Generation "Think about tomorrow today for the customer" is the motto at Reinhardt. And that's exactly why we have always valued innovative solutions. It is an open secret that the future needs the past and that innovation is synonymous with competitive ability and advantage. At Reinhardt, tradition and innovation combine to produce measurable success for our customers both nationally and internationally. Advantages with Reinhardt Index Shuttle RSX - New Generation Machines Multiple cooling cum load unload stations. Compatible with new generation temperature systems like templogger/493K. Probably the fastest machines in the world. Capable of taking any arm out of turn into the oven. Flexible and adaptable to a variety of products at the same time.

Satrind - Plastic Shredders

Satrind Shredding Machines

Plastic Shredders

Single Shaft Shredders

The Single Shaft Shredders are customized to ensure the maximum production capacity. Shafts complete with plates of different sizes, to be defined according to the application, offers a flexibility of choice, essential to treat multiple materials. Interchangeable screens with pre selectable holes, allow to get the adequate final dimension required.

2, 3 and 4 Shaft Shredders - Electric & Hydraulic

Electric-driven shredders are designed for industrial purpose when light and not bulky materials have to be shredded.

Ancillary Equipment

SINTD Hopper Loaders

Hopper Loader Suppliers South Africa

Water Flow Regulators

Water Flow Regulators

Hot Runner Controllers

Hot Runner Controllers
Tool Temp

Tool Temp - Mould Temperature Controllers

Water Units

Mould Temperature Controllers

Pressurised Water

Tool Temp Mould Temperature Controllers - Pressurised Water Units

Water or Oil Units

Tool Temp Mould Temperature Controllers - Oil and Water Units


Water Chillers
Sam Chin - Granulators, Water Chillers...

Sam Chin Ancillary Equipment



Water Chillers

Water Chillers


Accessories for Plastic Machines and Equipment

YTSM - Supplying the Solution YTSM

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