PVC Sheet extrusion and thermoforming.

Rigid PVC Sheet Extrusion and Thermoforming

Plastic Sheet Extrusion

Dispak Industries - Thermoforming, Vacuum forming and Sheet Extrusion

Rigid PVC Sheet Extrusion

Dispak Industries was established on July 1, 2007, primarily focused on becoming a leading supplier and converter of plastic film and sheets. Over the Dispak Sheet Extrusionyears, Dispak evolved into a multifaceted Organization. Since our inception, we have become an industry leader in supplying rigid PVC, APET, RPET, and PETG materials to the thermoforming and printing industries in roll and sheet form for food, pharmaceutical and vacuum grade applications.

With the industry's largest Capacity of over 3000 tons per annum of rigid PVC, We are proud to offer same day shipping from our conveniently located warehouse in Chamdor, Krugersdorp –Johannesburg.

Our Rigid PVC is resistant to high impact, non-toxic, fire-retardant, and can be UV Stabilized on request.

Extruded through coat-hanger type die the most advantage being compared to calendared P.V.C is the versatility and flexibility of our extruded P.V.C.

Main Advantages include Lower melting point, resulting in lower heating times with a higher production output and much greater control of webbing.

Unlike some of our competitors we have years of knowledge on thermoforming applications hence our ability to offer the best possible Rigid P.V.C sheet film for your application.

Products include:

Printing Grade - our printing grade rigid PVC materials are engineered for the most demanding printing jobs.  Generally considered to be one of the most versatile, economical, and printer friendly plastic sheets available on the market today, our rigid PVC offers outstanding durability, printability and laminating characteristics making it the substrate of choice for credit cards, security cards, signs, displays and a myriad of other applications.

  Printing Grade PVC Materials

Thermoforming Grade - For durable and aesthetically appealing retail packaging applications, Dispak Industries is proud to offer our line of thermoforming grade rigid PVC films.  Domestically manufactured with over 20 years of technical expertise and experience, our rigid PVC is engineered for the most demanding thermoforming applications.  Formulated for long lasting visually appealing packages, our film is easy to process on most all thermoforming equipment.  With over 100 tons in our inventory we are well positioned to offer quick turnaround for small and large quantities as well as factory direct service for any custom runs.

Our line of thermoforming grade rigid PVC film is separated into the following grades :

- Virgin Thermoforming Grade
- Utility/Recycled Thermoforming Grade
- Food and Pharmaceutical Grade

thermoforming grade rigid PVC film

Box Grade Rigid PVC - Our box grade rigid PVC is a non-crease whitening formulation that offers exceptional clarity and a high gloss finish.  Produced at a temperature much closer to the glass transition temperature of rigid PVC than other grades, this material will provide crystal clear transparency.  This grade is produced under tightly controlled conditions to ensure excellent lay flat and is typically run with high impact modifiers which ensure clean and crisp die cutting.  This material is available in the standard gloss/gloss finish as well as a scratch resistant finish for applications such as menus, mouse pads, and frosted lids or boxes. 

Box Grade Rigid PVC

Rigid P.V.C/P.E.T Available in thickness from 180 micron to 1.5mm.

Width from 100mm to 1350mm.

Sheets cut to requested size.

Dispak Vacuum Formed Blister Packaging

Printing on Plastic Packaging
Dispak Industries  is a privately owned and run vacuum formed packaging manufacturer based in Chamdor,Krugersdorp, Johannesburg. We have over 10 year’s experience in vacuum and thermoforming  and we are able to offer a complete service from design to completion. Should you already have a design in mind we can interpret your requirements and complement your ideas with our knowledge and experience, ensuring your concept will be turned into a finished pack that will enhance your product.

In order to gain a competitive edge in the market place we create a partnership with our customers and working alongside them are able to continue coming up with innovative and unique ideas.

If you require clamshell packaging, a blister pack, a plastic tray, or any other custom thermoformed package, Dispak is here to help. Our extensive range of stock clamshells fit a variety of products and is available in small quantities for immediate shipment.

Sim and Phone Card Packing

At Dispak, we aim to deliver world class solutions coupled with unbeatable levels of service and support at the most competitive price available. Dispak is one of the countries leading specialist providers of SimCards and Pre-Paid Phone card Sim and Phone Card Packagingpackaging.

Our expertise has earned us an enviable reputation for excellence and our year on year growth ably demonstrates our stated commitment to supply top quality, cost effective services to an increasingly diverse client base.

Our unique services comprise the ability to solely produce the bespoke packaging you require for your Sim and phone Cards purchased from an external source/existing supplier.

Should you require a sim card blister pack, mini phone card holder or even a printed/folded envelope, we will do our best to satisfy our client!

Thermoforming and Vacuum Forming

Clamshell Blister Packaging

Clamshells are designed to give you maximum versatility without having to commit to high tooling costs. Simply assemble the clamshell pack, product and insert card to create the finished pack. Clamshells give the option to have the client pack his own products or our in-house contract packing facility can do this for you at a very competitive cost.
Clamshell Packaging

Eco-Blister Packaging

Improved Appearance
A Eco-Blister blister pack consists of 2 die cut cards that are heat sealed together, encapsulating the flanges of the blister without contamination. This can be important for satisfying environmental requirements.
Eco Blister Packaging

Heat Sealed Blister

The face seal blister card provides a custom thermoformed plastic coating for your product that is then heat sealed to paper board. This type of packaging can be used for all types of products ranging from toys to office supplies. They are among the most common types of thermoformed packaging, with the paperboard helping to provide a more environmentally sound option.
Heat Sealed Blister Pack

Beaded Blister Packs:

Easy to Pack & Economical
Beaded blisters are versatile and the client has the option once again to package his own product. The blister is formed to fit your product and the flanges are heated up to fold over at the edge, hence folding the flanges lets you pack your product and simply slide your printed card through the flanges into the blister.
Beaded Blister Pack


Dispak Industries

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