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MAKE WAY FOR THE Plastic Technologies Award 2015


Plastics Competition

MAKE WAY FOR THE "Plastic Technologies Award 2015"


Industry and accademia working together for a competition that combines technology and creativity to break down the impact of waste and promote the recycling of plastic products

Closing date for entries: 3 November 2014

Project delivery deadline: 27 November 2014

Total prize money: € 8,000

Ban and how to apply at:

Milan, July 2014 - Innovative and original concepts for rapid consumption / temporary / single-use disposable products that exploit the potential of specific manufacturing and transformation technologies for plastics; these are the essential elements behind the second edition of the Plastic Technologies Award, the International Competition launched by PROMAPLAST, organizer of PLAST 2015 (5-9 May) in partnership with, Consorzio del Politecnico di Milano.

The 2015 edition of the competition focuses on the disposal and recycling of products, components and packaging characterised by rapid obsolescence and a connotation of temporary use, or even single-use disposables, such as household utensils, fashion accessories, cosmetics, personal care items, and packaging for rapid consumption products.

Plastics Competition

The competition confronts a highly relevant issue, reflecting the effects of relentless growth in the sector of rapid consumption in everyday life in Western culture. Many of the products, packaging components and single-use disposable or temporary products that characterise new styles of consumption are in fact designed neglecting the problems associated with their disposal - which is itself inevitably rapid, since the materials, connections and compositions are sometimes non-separable, non-recyclable, or properly disposable.

The new challenge launched for designers from all over the world by the Plastic Technologies Award 2015 - said Mario Maggiani, CEO of PROMAPLAST, organizer of PLAST 2015 - is to design projects that can reduce the impact of disposals, exploiting the potential of production technologies and materials, introducing smart features in the objects themselves that are in line with the needs of potential consumers. In short, projects that can sustainably renew the entire sector of rapidly obsolescent and temporary products.

The competition is open to designers and creative professionals, Italians and foreigners (individuals or groups), professionals or non-professionals, corporate employees and students.

How can I participate? Each designer must enter the competition by 3 November 2014, choose a technology category in which to compete (injection moulding, blow moulding, rotational moulding, thermoforming or biopolymers) , and design an innovative product, respecting the theme proposed by the competition, in addition to the constraints and limitations of the chosen production technology.

The projects must be submitted by 27 November 2014 to the email address as specified in the regulations; all projects must be original, innovative and developed specifically for the competition.

The detailed notice of the competition is available at

The winning projects will be judged and selected by a jury composed of renowned experts in the field, from the Department of Design at the Politecnico di Milano, from ADI - the Association for Industrial Design, as well as from industry.

During the initial phase, the jury will evaluate both the project's innovative content and its level of responsiveness to the opportunities and constraints related to the technology; the finalists will thus be identified, and a shortlist will be announced of three competition winners and two winning candidates for each category in the Special Manufacturing Prize. A second phase will follow in which the selected designers will have the opportunity to develop their own concept based on the information received. At this point, the jury will select the winners, who will share the total prize money of €8,000 as follows:

Competition winner

  • First prize: €3,000

'Special Manufacturing Prize' Awards

  • Injection moulding award: € 1,000
  • Blow moulding award: € 1,000
  • Rotational moulding award: € 1,000
  • Thermoforming award: € 1,000
  • Biopolymers award: € 1,000

In addition, PROMAPLAST, organizer of PLAST 2015 reserves the right to prototype the winning projects to exhibit them in the context of the next edition of the triennial exhibition, that will take place from 5 to May 9, 2015, one of the world's most important trade fairs for the plastics and rubber industry.

For more details on how to participate and submit their application, Italian or foreign designers and creative professionals can consult the competition notice available at the website

Summary information


International Competition promoted by PLAST 2015 in partnership with, Consorzio del Politecnico di Milano

Ban and how to apply at:

Closing date for entries:

3 November 2014

Project delivery deadline:

27 November 2014

Total prize money:

€ 8,000



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