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PMS PLASTICS celebrates 25 years

Adapting to market dynamics, expanding, going from strength to strength


PMS Plastics celebrates its 25th anniversary in June, a milestone achieved through the experience and foresight of the company’s founder member, Philip Maye.
Philip, who originates from Ireland, first worked for Manesmann Demag when he came to South Africa before starting Philip Maye Services (PMS) Plastics in 1989, servicing injection moulding machines in Johannesburg and Pretoria. As the business grew he soon found himself doing the same in Durban and Cape Town.
Over the years the company has succeeded in adapting to various market dynamics, expanding and going from strength to strength. 
PMS Plastics celebrates 25 years in the industryJune 1994 saw a major growth spurt at PMS Plastics when Peter Wolber joined Philip and the company started selling new injection moulding machinery and equipment, beginning with LG Machinery.
Their success was such that new premises had to be built and in 2000 PMS Plastics moved to their current Boksburg location. At the same time the company also started servicing clients in Zambia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Nigeria.
Today the company sells, services and repairs a range of injection moulding machines, blow moulding machines and auxiliary equipment for the plastics industry.
The recent appointment of Candice Wolber – with 12 years’ experience in the industry - as sales representative will no doubt add a modern and fresh approach to the company.

PMS brings major brands to SA
An important chapter began for PMS Plastics when it was approached by various international vendors to resell and support their products in the Southern African market.  PMS Plastics soon became the official agents for:

  • BOY Machinery
  • Nissei injection moulding machines
  • Parker blow moulding machines
  • Ferlin gravimetric blending systems
  • Pulian auxiliary equipment, eg. hopper loaders, granulators, shredders and PVC powder conveying.

Adapting and changing to meet market needs
Ensuring its ongoing success, PMS Plastics is unafraid to venture into new territory, including the packaging industry which continues to show innovation and development.
To support this, PMS Plastics have entered into a partnership with three Taiwanese companies, Passcard Mould Manufacturers who specialise in thin walled products and PET preforms, CLF Injection Moulding Machines and JET Engine Robotics for In-Mould Labelling and high speed take out systems. These three companies work hand in hand, offering complete turnkey solutions.

Going ‘green’
‘Going Green’ and the associated environmental and cost-savings benefit has become an imperative factor in buying equipment. As more and more companies become aware of the need to save on power and join the fight for a greener South Africa, PMS Plastics has ensured that they represent machinery and equipment suppliers who have implemented energy saving and sustainable methodologies in their designs.

Over the past quarter century PMS Plastics has proved itself an all-round supplier of plastics machinery and equipment offering the industry quality products at affordable prices. The company has also provided an invaluable service in equipping start-up turnkey companies with advice and project planning all the way through to installation.

PMS PLastics staff

“Looking back with pride over the last 25 years, with more than 70 years’ combined experience between myself and Peter, we look forward to many more years of supply to the industry. We want to take this opportunity to thank our suppliers and most valued customers for all their support,” said Philip.

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