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Sisalation aluminium foil insulation ensures substantial energy savings


Jenny McKaySisalation is a high-quality, maintenance-free reflective foil product that provides cost-effective insulation that protects residential, commercial and industrial buildings against heat, cold, dust and moisture. Manufactured using advanced adhesive laminating technology, Sisalationhas remained a leading product in South Africa for more than three decades.

Kahn & Kahn general manager Jenny McKay observes that the company is an official distributor of FR405 and FR430 grades of Sisalation, which contribute significantly to compliance with the New Energy Efficiency Standards that have been added to the South African National Building Regulations, in order to ensure greater energy efficiency in new buildings.

"According to the Energy Efficiency Standard, new buildings must make use of energy more efficiently. By using Sisalation FR430 and FR405, a building can reduce its energy consumption measurably," she explains.

Heavy-duty Sisalation FR430 is a high-quality fire retardant insulation material which is ideal for use in industrial and commercial buildings. It is a durable, double-sided and reflective foil laminate insulation product which features advanced fire retardant characteristics. Sisalation FR405 is a durable and cost-effective insulation product designed for light industrial use in offices and schools, and can also be used in residential buildings as a fire retardant insulation material.

David TrompMcKay highlights that Sisalation offers the owner or tenant of a building temperature control by protecting the structure from the harsh summer and winter climates. "It also acts as a dust and water vapour barrier, and offers economic benefits, as it is maintenance-free and long-lasting. What's more, it boasts superior fire performance classification.”

Kahn & Kahn CEO David Tromp notes that Sisalation is an important building material when installing the roof of a residential or industrial building. “Sisalation is installed in the roof of a house, warehouse or any industrial building to protect it against heat, cold, dust and moisture. It keeps the heat out and the cool air inside during summer, and prevents cold air from entering and warm air from escaping during winter. Sisalation can also be used as a thermal insulation barrier inside walls."

Sisalation aluminium foil insulation is manufactured in line with ISO 9002 quality standards and is an SABS Class A product. What's more, it was the first entirely fire retardant insulation product to receive full SABS accreditation. "Sisalation has established a tried-and-trusted reputation over the decades, which places the product in a strong position to gain further market share as environmental laws become increasingly stringent," Tromp concludes.


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