BOY Injection Moulding Machines at Swiss Plastics

BOY with the highest presence at Swiss Plastics 2017

Neustadt-Fernthal, January 2017

The Swiss BOY representative Thomatech GmbH demonstrated its high presence in the Swiss market with three BOY injection moulding machines on the exhibition booth: a BOY 50 E with the new injection unit SP 170 and BOY-Handling LR 5, a BOY 35 E inviting the visitors to participate actively and a compact BOY XS with the smallest 8 mm plasticizing unit. With the well-known Swiss precision, the three injection moulding machines of the manufacturer located in Neustadt-Fernthal produced very interesting parts for the visitors.


BOY injection moulding machines at Swiss plastics


The now even more compact BOY 50 E (3.25 m² footprint and 500 kN clamping force) produced practical bottle spouts from NAS. An additional injection unit BOY 2C S over-moulded the transparent spout with two sealing lips from TPE. With the new removal handling BOY LR 5 the finished part was removed from the mould and placed onto a conveyor. The picture shows the complete production facility with the CE-certified housing.


The visitors of the Swiss Plastics could actively take part in the manufacturing process of the BOY 35 E. They could insert the blank of a hexagon socket wrench into the mould. By pushing the button, the electrically operated safety gate (optionally available) was closed.  The inserted part was over-moulded with a handle and a sleeve of a hexagon socket wrench with a torque display made of glass fiber reinforced PP.


BOY exhibits a Swiss Plastics

BOY 50 E with LR 5


The subject of micro injection moulding, which is strongly demanded in Switzerland, was demonstrated on the compact BOY XS (100 kN clamping force) with the smallest injection unit SP 3.  For this machine size the plasticizing unit of the BOY XS does not use the conventional piston plasticizing but a screw plasticizing with 8 mm diameter instead, according to the “first in – first out – principle”. Plasticizing volumes down to 0.06 cm³ are possible with this unit. The pitch volume is only 1.9 cm³.


Bernd Fischer, Head of Application Engineering and Service, explains: „ In Switzerland we see a focus on precision machines with individual solutions and equipment.  A standard machine for large quantities is often requested with a complete automation in Switzerland”.


Stefan Imhof from the Swiss BOY-representative Tomatech was very satisfied with the fair. Concrete deals and many promising talks were the reward for his engagement at the Swiss Plastics. In addition to the three BOY injection moulding machines, the successful company presented its comprehensive equipment in the machine periphery on its booth.


Company profile
Dr. Boy GmbH & Co. KG is one of the leading worldwide manufacturers of injection moulding machines with clamping forces up to 1,000 kN. The very compact, durable machines work precise, energy-saving and therefore highly economical. BOY continually sets new standards in our industry with innovative concepts and solutions.
Since the company was founded in 1968, over 45,000 injection moulding machines have been delivered worldwide. The privately owned company continues to put special emphasis on engineered performance and high-class "made in Germany" workmanship.
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