Plastic material properties for Polyetherketoneketone.

Plastic Material Properties of Polyetherketoneketone

Plastic material properties for Polyetherketoneketone.Datasheet about Polyetherketoneketone on Plastixportal.

Comparative Properties of Plastic Materials

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Specific Gravity 1.37
Shrinkage,in/in,1/8 in. thick 0.0060
Shrinkage,in/in,1/4 in.thick 0.0130
Water Absorption,% 24hrs 0.200
Impact,Izod,Notched (Ft-Lb/In) 1.90
Impact,Izod,Unnotched(Ft-Lb/In) 17.00
Tensile Strength (Psi) 19,000
Tensile Elongation (%) 4.500
Tensile Modulus (Psi x E+6) 1.00
Flexual Strength (Psi) 27,500
Flexural Modulus (Psi x E+6) 0.70
Compressive Strength (Psi) NA
Hardness (Rockwell R) NA
Dielectric Strength (V/Mil) NA
Dielectric Constant(@ 1 MC dry) NA
Dissipation Factor(@ 1 MC dry) NA
Arc Resistance (sec) NA
Volume Resistivity(ohm-cm)10E## 16.0
Heat Deflection Temp 264 psi(F) 490
Heat Deflection Temp 66 psi(F) NA
Flammability V0
Thermal Expansion (In/In/F)xE-5 NA
Thermal Conductivity NA
Wear Factor NA
U L yellow card NO
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