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Computer ModelingDaletech Engineering offer a turnkey solution which has the ability to take a product from the idea stage, all the way through to production.

At Daletech, we like to visualize the full potential of our products, through our in-house product development and prototyping. We assist our clients from the product idea through to the product design, product prototyping, design tweaking, tool design and manufacture right through to production of the finished product.

We ensure precision excellence in our tool design and mould making process, through the use of our fullyintegrated CAD/ CAM and CNC facilities. Daletech also provides world class production services, with strict quality control measures.


Product Prototyping3D CAD Design & Development
From a sample or sketch, our team develops a CAD drawing of the intended product.
We cater for a variety of products, whether they are thick or thin walled products/ industrial or aesthetical focused products. Specialising in plastic injection thin wall products.


Mould DesignPrototyping
A 3D printout of the CAD drawing is developed using a process called stereo lithography. And it is at this stage in the process where we examine any changes that need to be made to the CAD design.


Tool Design
Using the CAD model as a guideline, we begin designing the mould and all the technical requirements necessary for that moulds die-set.


Mould MakingMould Making
Through CNC and conventional processing, we “carve” out the mould, referencing off the CAD/CAM design.
Precision Engineering is paramount, to ensure that the once-off tool is perfect for the client’s needs.
Vertical machining centre – CNC Mould repair and modifications
Spark Erosion
Tool Polishing
CNC Machining
Progressive Press Tooling


Injection Moulding of ProductPlastic Injection Moulding experience
Strict quality control measures
Once the mould and a couple of product sample runs from that mould have been approved, production begins.
Our Machine Sizes Range from 15 Ton – 220 Tons Use all types of plastic injection moulding materials Our machines core-pulling/ unscrewing and air-blowing Our typical shot weights safely range from 1g to 200g. Our product colours range from clear to any desired colour.

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+27 11 021 2641

Physical Address & Map Unit 1A, 12 Bridget Rd, Benrose, Johannesburg, 2011

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