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Injection Stretch Blow Moulding Machines

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Global Leader in Reliability & Innovation

ASB is now the world's leading maker of "One-Step" machines with subsidiaries in the United States, Brazil, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Germany, India, Singapore and China. These offices, together with business bases in Spain, Denmark and Indonesia, provide sales, and after-sales service to support the activities of a worldwide team of agents. With the world's leading share of One-Step Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machines (5,000 machines/10,000 molds delivered to 100 countries), the history of PET containers is the history of ASB. Today, our machines and molds are able to produce PET containers with advanced features such as Heat Resistance, Heat & Pressure Resistance, containers with Barrier Properties, and more. Equally important, ASB's global manufacturing, sales and service network ensures prompt response to your every question and service need.

Injection Stretch Blow Moulding Machines


Best seller entry machine, more than 2,000 units sold worldwide.

The ASB-50MB is a 1-step injection stretch blow molding machine, capable of producing containers directly from resin. Originally conceived as a low-cost entry machine for developing countries, this fully automatic machine has rapidly become one of our best sellers, even in many highly developed markets. In accordance with customer requirements, the specifications have been continually upgraded giving improved versatility and productivity. Over 2,000 units have now been delivered by our overseas factory in the machine's first nine years of production.

Nissei ASB - 50MB PET Moulding Machine
PET Bottle Moulding Machine


Best energy efficiency in its class, excellent versatility, low-noise.

The ASB-12M has been developed as a step-up model from the entry level ASB-50MB, which has sold more than 2,000 units and remains in our line-up as one of our best sellers. It is a compact 1-step injection stretch blow molding machine with improved jar capability and higher cavitation for many common bottle sizes. It incorporates advanced technology providing class leading energy efficiency.

ASB 12M PET Bottle Moulding Machines
ASB-12M PET Bottle Moulding Machine


Compact, Versatile, Efficient.Best selling model from the ASB series.

The ASB series are 1-step stretch molding machines with excellent molding flexibility supplying the greatest cost efficiency for their users. The ASB-70DP model range can trace its origins back to 1986 and with continual improvements now exists as the ASB-70DPH v4 and ASB-70DPW v4. Compact, flexible and efficient, the ASB-70DP series are the best selling machines in their class with over 1,700 units having been delivered to our customers all around the world.

PET Bottles manufactured with Injection Stretch Blow Moulding Machine from Nissei ASB

PF6-2B & PF8-4B

Unique 1.5-step machines, leading the PET bottle molding industry with their exclusive concept.

Integrating the strengths of the “Hot Parison” 1-step molding method and the “Cold Parison” 2-step molding method, ASB developed the 1.5-step “Cool Parison” method. This revolutionary container production system employed by the PF platform gives you the best of both worlds in one incredibly flexible, efficient and powerful unit. With its high productivity and excellent cost performance, it can produce bottles of all conceivable shapes and has the ability to mold bottles with minimal neck support ring. Ideally suited for bottles in the 1.5L up to 3L range.

Injection stretch blow moulding machine


High output 1.5-step PET molding up to 9,000bph*.A true competitor to small scale 2-step molding

ASB's innovative PF series gains a new brother which can go toe-to-toe with 2-step re-heat molding system. The PF24-8B lowers the cost of production both in energy terms and in factory space. Among the PF ranges, this model's unique point is that it can be converted to mold in a 12-4 configuration for bottles up to 5L capacity offering even greater flexibility.

Nissei ASB Injection Stretch Blow Moulding Machine PF24-8B
PET Bottle Moulding Machines

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Nissei ASB South-Africa

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