Manufacture electric heating elements & temperature controllers South Africa.
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Design & Manufacture of Electric Heating Elements

Our expertise is Heating and Control Systems and our technical staff has over 50 years experience in this field. We will design, solve and repair any heating application in the process world. Sales, design and manufacture of electric heating elements, thermocouples and temperature controllers.


Manufacture Heating Elements, Thermocouples and Temperature Controllers

Our Business Objectives Are:

1. To offer first world technology and solutions.
2. Manufacture a top quality product using only the best raw materials.
3. A service orientated company.
4. On time deliveries.
5. Realistic pricing.

Heating Elements

We specialize in the following Heating and Control products

  • • Flange Heaters – (Air, Water, and Oil)
  • • Furnace Elements – (Low and High Temperature)
  • • Duct Heaters
  • • Ceramic Elements
  • • Tank Heaters
  • • Tubular Metal Sheathed Elements – (Incoloy & Copper)
  • • Band Heaters
  • • Cartridge Heaters
  • • Temperature Controllers and Control Panels
  • • Thermocouples (J.K.R. PT100)
  • • Infra Red Elements
  • • Inline Circulation Heaters (Oil, Steam, Air, Water)
  • • Customized Heating and Control Systems
  • • Silicon Carbide Heating Elements
  • • Stator winding (RTD PT100/Rodium Platinum)

Band Heaters
Heating Elements
Temperature Controller

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Director: Mark de Swardt
+27 11 914-1930 / 8

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Physical Address & Map 87a Van Dyk Secure Business Park, Cnr Van Dyk and Brakpan Road, Boksburg East

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