Leading manufacturer and converter of expanded Polyethylene, EVA and various foam and rubber products and processes.

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Manufacturer, Converter and Exporter of Industrial Foams

SONDOR Performance Foams

Manufacturer of Foam and Rubber Products

We are a leading manufacturer and converter of cross-linked, open and closed cell expanded Polyethylene, EVA and various foam and rubber products and processes.

Quality & Standards

Sondor Performance Foams is committed to the environment and to providing products that are environmentally friendly, Our products are manufactured CFC and HCFC free and comply with international quality standards. All branches are ISO 9001, 14000 and OHSAS 18001 compliant, and branches servicing the Automotive Industry are either ISO 14001 or ISO TS 16949.

Contour cutting of 3 dimensional products


Sondor Performance Foams is equipped to offer a full range of conversion processes to our customers

  • Die-Cuts and Gasketing
  • Foam washers, rubber washers, foam gaskets, rubber gaskets are manufactured to your requirements.

  • Contour Cutting
  • Profiled, three dimensional shapes in various open or closed cell foam.

  • Laminations
  • A variety of materials can be laminated to various foam and rubber substrates.

  • Extrusions
  • Expanded cord and quality extruded profiles are supplied in any length.

  • Sheeting
  • Foam sheeting and rubber sheeting is supplied to the thickness and density required.

  • Self-Adhesive Backing
  • Most of our products can be supplied with various adhesive backings according to requirements.

  • CNC Routing
  • CNC routed packaging to your specifications, in various materials, densities and colours.

Industries Supplied

  • Automotive
  • vacuum formed parts, plugging holes, tucker blocks, protective packaging, shower curtains, sound insulation, insulation for air-conditioning, carpet underlays and interior padding.

  • Packaging
  • Space fillers, load spreaders, cushion packaging, foam linings for case inserts, packaging of military equipment and promotional displays

  • Appliance
  • gaskets and washers

  • Air conditioning and Acoustic
  • General insulation, thermal insulation, sound insulation, pipe insulation, ducked lining, gaskets and washers.

  • Building
  • Pipe insulation, floor underlays, roof and wall cladding, insulation, duct lining, gaskets and washers and expansion joint material.

  • Electrical
  • Tool and instrument box inserts

Foam Extrusions
  • Footwear
  • collaring and padding, shoe wedges, solling materials and moulded insoles.

  • Healthcare
  • Splinting, cervical collars, orthopedic shoe insoles and exercise mats.

  • Marine
  • Boat fenders, Life jackets, life buoys and oil boom flotation

  • Military
  • All weather sleeping mats, weapon packaging and anti-vibration inserts

  • Sport and Leisure
  • Buoyancy aids, swim vests, pool games, waterslide mats, gymnasium mats, exercise belts, trampoline pad surrounds, judo mats, camping mats, canoe seats, kickboards and educational toys.

Foam and Rubber Products

  • Acryband
  • All purpose, conformable acrylic resin-impregnated polyurethane sealing material.

  • Sondorband
  • All purpose sealing material made from flexible wax and resin-impregnated polyurethane foam.

  • Aquajoint
  • High density, cross-linked, closed cell expanded polyethylene joint former for water applications.

  • Cordex
  • Seal and backing cord made from low density, non cross-linked, closed cell, expanded polyethylene foam.

Extruded Foam Products

  • Jointex
  • Lightweight, cross-linked, closed cell, expanded polyethylene joint former.

  • Groutex
  • Self adhesive Polyurethane sealing foam strip

  • Soundseal
  • A glasscloth covered polyurethane foam for acoustic applications.

  • Lapseal
  • A compressible, self-adhesive, impregnated polyurethane foam sealing strip

  • Polyclosures
  • Eaves and ridge fillers made from cross-linked, closed cell, expanded polyethylene.

  • Strip & Tape
  • Self adhesive foam & rubber sealing strip for indoor and outdoor applications, keeping out undesirable elements.

Extruded Foam

Sondor Performance Foams
  • Bubblewrap
  • A two layer film Polyethylene bubble ideal for use in most protective packaging and insulation applications. It has excellent shock absorption properties, and its closed cell structure ensures dust, water and wind resistance.

  • Aerothene
  • An expanded non cross-linked expanded polyethylene foam [NXPE] that is ideal for use in most protective packaging and insulation applications.

  • Protekt-a-door
  • Closed cell, cross-linked expanded polyethylene car door protector.

  • Low density closed cell (cross-linked) expanded Polyethylene and Ethylene-Styrene Interpolymer (ESI) for sound absorption, vibration dampening, sound insulation and shock absorption applications.

  • HUSH
  • Profiled QUASH FR 2000 material for sound absorption, vibration dampening, sound insulation and shock absorption applications.

  • Ziplag
  • Sondor pipe Insulation lagging is manufactured from non cross-linked flexible expanded polyethylene with quick locking system, and is used for pipe insulation in hot and cold liquid applications.


Sondor Performance Foams

Exports and Head Office: Cape Town
+27 021 959 9400
Physical Address
62 Junction Street, Parow Industria

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266 Haak Street, Waltloo, Silverton

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35 Lanner Road, New Germany, Pinetown

Port Elizabeth
+27 041 486 2231
Physical Address
Warehouse No 4, 137 Grahamstown Road, Deal Party, Port Elizabeth

Bloemfontein Agent
Build OFS
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East London Agent
Johnny Grant
043 743 3067/68
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Zimbabwean Distributor (Harare)
Leisure Lifestyles (Security Devices)
263 4 48 6405
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