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A Fusion of Extraordinary Companies

PlastiColors and Banbury – combining 50 years of COLOUR EXPERIENCE in the Plastics Industry.

PlastiColors and Banbury Chemicals have joined forces to leverage a natural synergy that exists between them: Masterbatch and Dosing machines go hand-in-hand.


PlastiColors have been pioneers of the masterbatch industry for over 35 years. Renowned for their technical innovation and unsurpassed quality, they have built a reputation as the preferred supplier of colour masterbatch, pigments, liquids and additives. They were the first masterbatch producer in South Africa to achieve the ISO 9001 accreditation by the SABS, which they still maintain today.

PlasticColors“We have perfected the manufacture of polyethylene-based masterbatches for injection moulding, blow moulding and extruded film, as well as polypropylene and polystyrene based materials. We are currently at the forefront of industry development of so called “engineering” type materials – ABS, Acetyl, PET, PBT, Polycarbonate, and Polyurethane,” says Michael Maine, Operations Director of PlastiColors.

PlastiColors exports product throughout Africa, the Indian Ocean Islands, and to other international companies. Local agents are conveniently situated in Mauritius, Harare, Pinetown and Cape Town to provide excellent service to surrounding plants.


Banbury TeamEstablished in 1996, this Johannesburg based company, made up of a father-and-son team, Brian and Dean Sinclair, collectively have more than 38 years experience in the plastics industry. Banbury Chemicals specialize in the importation of UV Stabilizers, Anti-Oxidants, Pigments and Automatic Dosing Machines. Banbury is a primary agent for world leaders in the plastics industry such as Holland HubronColours, Addcomp, Songwon, Metaflake, Movacolor and Hubron.

Banbury distribute their products to polymer producers, compounders and plastics converters.


For many years, Dean Sinclair witnessed frustrated plant managers battling with inaccurate mixing and dosing processes in their extrusion lines. He recognized the need for quality dosing machines in South Africa, and Movacolor Dosing Machines were the Material Dosing Machinesnatural choice - a single component gravimetric dosing unit developed by Movacolor B.V.

Dean explains: “Movacolor Gravimetric dosing system reduces masterbatch consumption by 20 to 50%, and features some unique elements that won't be found anywhere else. This is proven by the fact that the MC-Balance doses accurately at all times through continuous loss-in-weight measurements in combination with a closed loop control of the dosing speed. It automatically adjusts the dosing time to the speed of the injection molding machine or the extruder.  Also, vibrations of the production machine are automatically compensated for.

Important to note is that the MC-Balance doses directly into the virgin material stream at the machine throat, which eliminates the need for batch weighing, and the need for a mixing chamber. Many processors, who at first thought that they needed an expensive blender for their application, have now discovered that the MC-Balance perfectly suits their needs.

The MC-Balance ensures the user of accurate dosing, which can save up to 50% on expensive colourants. The unit’s self-adjusting capabilities ensure staff don't have to interfere with the gravimetric unit settings, which results in down time being reduced to an absolute minimum. Setting up is very easy, as only the shot weight and the percentage addition rate need to be entered. When operators want to change some data, the user-friendly control panel enables an authorized user to do so. All settings and changes are recorded into the history file and stored. This information cannot be interfered with. Stored information helps manage quality control data.”


Dean faced one last problem: recommending a quality masterbatch for his dosing machines to perform at their optimum. Banbury Chemicals has been supplying PlastiColors with additives for over 15 years and had testimony to PlastiColors’ superior quality – so the solution was simple.

This brand new partnership offers plastics converters the best of both worlds: An accurate and reliable dosing machine paired with superior quality masterbatch, which together ensure scrap rates and downtime are minimized, the consumption of colourants are optimized, and the consistency and quality of the converter’s end product is unequalled.


PlastiColors is poised for the inevitable surge in demand. “Toward the end of 2010 it became apparent that the demand for our product was growing rapidly, and we needed to expand in order to meet our customers burgeoning orders without sacrificing our quality. We immediately made plans to expand our plant building by 40%, as well as import four new production lines,” says Financial Director, Michelle Fleming.

This foresight was 20:20: “We are expecting an even stronger growth in 2012 as a direct result of our partnership with Banbury Chemicals, and we are ready!”


PlastiColors has also appointed Banbury Chemicals as an additional Cape Town agent in order to better service the Cape plastics industry and surrounds.

Banbury Chemicals has already set up shop and is operating full steam ahead. Their new premises are situated at 72 Manhatten Str, Airport Industia, Cape Town, an ideal platform to the Western Cape.


With the fusion of these industry-leaders, customers will benefit from 50 years of combined expertise and shared dedication to excellence – a dynamic partnership that is poised to take the industry by storm.


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Contact details


38 Mopedi Road, Sebenza, 1613, Gauteng
Tel: +27 11 452 6940

Banbury Chemicals

72 Manhattan Street, Airport Industria, Cape Town
93 Springbok Avenue, U.B.A.D. Industrial Park, Randvaal, 1961
Tel: +27 16 365 6760
Fax: +27 16 365 6722

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