Ferro Plastics only manufacturer of black and white masterbatches in South Africa.
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Ferro Plastics - manufacturer of black and white masterbatches in South Africa.

Ferro is unique in South Africa in that it is the only manufacturer of black, white and filler masterbatch using both internal high energy mixers and twin co-rotating extruders, which provide exceptional pigment dispersion.
Substantial tonnages of a wide variety of specifically designed masterbatches to suit our individual customer requirements are produced daily. Masterbatches ensure convenient incorporation of black and white pigment into plastics.

Black Masterbatch Manufacturers

Our mission in black masterbatch is to produce:

High quality masterbatch for specialized manufacturing with the aim of improving and strengthening the competitive position of our customers and markets they serve. Commodity grades of black masterbatch designed to meet specific industry requirements.

The Ferro range of products:

Contain a variety of different types of carbon black with additions ranging from 15 – 50 % and include, on certain applications, the introduction of filler, with additions ranging from 10 – 35 %. The total solids content is limited to 80 %. All the ranges of our masterbatches (low cost or high quality) can be used in different applications, for example : Film, Injection Moulding, Blow Moulding , Pipe Extrusion and Roto Moulding.

White Masterbatch Manufacturers

Our mission in white masterbatch is to:

Improve and strengthen the competitive position of our customers and markets they serve.

Ferro Plastics has a unique mixing process:

In the manufacture of White Masterbatch which allows for the incorporation of very high levels of solids (up to 80%), with good dispersion properties. This capability enables us to meet typical applications such as: High loading of well dispersed high quality pigment (titanium dioxide) suitable for very thin film such as hospital protection sheeting The layer of co-extruded products, especially heavy duty sacks Economical masterbatch where lower levels of pigment can be extended with or without filler, such as used in polymer extender products where polymer and masterbatch share similar costs Masterbatch suitable for injection moulding applications, such as bottles, tubs, buckets, etc., where good pigment dispersion is essential The entry level: white masterbatch range provides good opacity at low addition rates.

Filler Masterbatch Manufacturers

Ferro produces several masterbatch grades in PE and PP containing either coated or uncoated fillers, suitable in the following applications:

PP tapes where anti-fibulation properties are imported to woven tapes PP tapes where high dosages of filler are required PP tapes where a finer coated filler is preferred Anti-block properties are added to thin packaging film De-lustering is imparted where reduced gloss effects are required Improved print adhesion can be added Where improved heat sealability and shorter machine cycles are required Where cost reductions are required Food contact approval Injection moulding and film extrusion in LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE. A general purpose filler masterbatch.

Santicizers and Additives

Ferro is world renowned for innovative approach to the introduction of additives

Ferro also provides a range of plasticizers under the trade name Santicizer suitable as additives in various applications form printing inks to artificial leather.

Our objective is to increase the economic benefit we provide for you, our customer, through the use of technology and service excellence.

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Physical Address & Map Atomic Street, Vulcania, Brakpan, 1540, South Africa

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