Injection moulding of plastic packaging containers, plastic tubs and shot glasses.

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Manufacture Multi Purpose Plastic Containers


Plastic with a difference

We pride ourselves with superior quality containers with great design aspects. Perfect for the home or the office.
is your market leader in plastic products. In 2012 the Otima range was introduced to the plastic market and using only top quality raw materials and quick turnaround time. Otima products are BPA free!

Plastic Products.

Superior quality plastic containers

Otima is your market leader in plastic products.
We specialise in a wide range of plastic containers for home and personal use, including plastic ice buckets, plastic fliptop lunch boxes with plastic bottle, plastic shot glasses, plastic dustbins, plastic regrind buckets, plastic tubs, plastic cups and multi purpose plastic containers with lids.

Our Products are BPA Free

Yes you read that right! Otima products are BPA free! We are committed to the safety and well-being of our consumers ensuring peace of mind, healthy eating and storage options for everyone!

BPA Free Plastic Products

Range of Colours

Our plastic products are available in a range of colours.

 Colours Available

Our Promise

the big O

There's no denying that there are several other agencies that do exactly what we do, or so it may seem, but what sets us apart from the competition? Well it's fairly simple, we've built the Otima brand on foundation of -

Affordability, Product Quality and Passion for our Brand.

Milla 500ml Cup

Plastic cup manufacturers in South Africa.

Manufacture Plastic Cups

Lucci 350ml Cup

Plastic cups suppliers Johannesburg.

Plastic Cup Manufacturers South Africa

Sienna Shot Glass

Plastic shot glass / shooter cups.

Premium Spice Shaker

200ml Plastic spice shaker.

Plastic Spice Shakers

Ella 250ml Tub

Ella 350ml Tub

350 ml Plastic Tubs with Lids

Ella 500ml Tub

Plastic Tubs

Ella Lids

Plastic Lids

Fliptop with Lid

FlipTop container range with juice bottle.

Plstic Lunch Boxes

Juice Bottles

300ml and 500ml Juice Bottles from Otima.

300ml and 500ml plastic juice bottles

Snack & Go

Plastic lunch box containers.

Plastic Lunchbox containers

LockBox 600ml

Plastic lockbox containers with lids.

600ml container with snap on lid

LockBox 1.1L

Stackable plastic lockbox containers.

1L Plastic Lockbox containers

LockBox 2.2L

Uniquely shaped lockbox designed for storage

2 Litre Plastic Containers with Lids

LockBox 4L

Large capacity, solid and sleek design.

4L Otima Plastic Container with Lid

Snap-It 600ml

Small and rigid plastic containers with snap on lids.

Plastic Food containers with snap lids

Snap-It 1.2L

Plastic food containers with snap-on lids.

Plastic containers with snap on lids

Snap-It 2.2L

Plastic container with snap on lid to avoid leaks.

Snap on lid containers

Otima Maxi Meal Box

With 3 division tray and spoon and fork.

Plastic Meal Box

Micro-fresh Blank

Plastic container with lid to warm up food easily.

Plastic container to warm up foods

Micro-fresh Vent 1L

Plastic container with vented lid, to keep foods fresh.

Plastic Containers with lids

Square Bowl 7L

Large capacity plastic bowls with stack-easy design.

7L plastic square bowl

Square Bowl 18L

Plastic container bowl a huge capacity.

18L plastic bowl container

12L Salad Bowl

Container with smooth design and easy-to-remove lid.

12L plastic salad bowl with lid

Salad Servers

Otima 2 piece Salad Servers

2 Piece Salad Servers

Otima 500ml Mini Fish Bowl

Complete with 100% Eco Friendly Biodegradable straw.

Plastic Fish Bowl

Otima 6 pack Vino Glass

Plastic Wine Glass

Plastic Wine Glasses

Easy Plate

Beautifully designed and durable plastic plates.

Plastic Plates

Otima 10pc Mini Cutlery Packs

Set of 5 spoons and 5 forks.

Plastic spoons and forks cutlery set

12L Kitchen Buckets

Multi purpose plastic bucket with lid.

12L multi purpose plastic bucket with lid

Multipurpose 10L,20L & 40L

Multi-purpose containers with a handy measuring cup.

10L plastic container with measuring cup

Otima Jugs

Otima 1.5L Jug AND Otima 3L Jug

Plastic Jugs - 1.5L and 3L Jugs

9L Ice Buckets

Plastic ice bucket with handles.

Plastic Ice Buckets

12L Dustbin

Plastic dustbin perfect for home & office.

Plastic Dustbin 12 Litre

Otima 26L Tote Basket

Great for laundry and toy storage.

Otima 26Litre Toe Basket

Oval Bowl

5L capacity serveware is practical and easy-on-the-eyes.

plastic oval bowl

25L & 50 Litre Dustbins

Round fliptop dustbin with handle on bucket for easy emptying.

Plastic Dustbins

Otima's back to school range

Practical lunch box designs for lunch transportation & storage.

school lunchbox range


Otima Plastics

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