Moulding versatility from Nissei ASB

Nissei ASB Time to step up NEW PF24/8 and PF12/4e

Moulding versatility from Nissei ASB

Under the slogan, ‘It's time to step up’, Nissei ASB presented a host of leading premium injection stretch blow and double-blow moulding platforms.
Its signature technology, the PF24-8B1,5-step Series combines the advantages of traditional one and two-set systems within one machine. Once the preform is made it’s partially cooled, temperature equalised, reheated and blown in a ‘cool parison’ system.

‘The PF24-8B 1,5-step is a modern compact platform with lower energy consumption than a two-step machine,’asserted Karel Keersmaekers-Michiels, MD of Nissei ASB Europe. ‘In terms of quality, it produces the preform without it leaving the machine for the blowing stage. There are absolutely no scratches, deformation or contamination. Another big advantage is cost of production compared to a two-step system with the same productivity.’

Two variants of thelatest 1,5-step machine were available on the stand for closer inspection . Firstly, amachine configured with a 24-cavity mould, the highest-output Nissei ASBmachine so far, equipped with E-tech, a heat equalising technology that adjusts the temperature of injected preforms and maximises the quality of finished containers.A 500-millilitre water bottle weighing 9,8g, with a 26mm neck diameter,was produced with ease at an impressive output of 9 000 bottles/hour.The second machine was set up to mould at12-cavities, producing a five-litre edible oil bottle in PET with a 48mm neck diameter, 83g weight moulded at an output of 2 400 bottles/ hour.  A key feature of these models is the ability for the user to convert it from 12 to 24 cavity during mould changes, meaning that the machine has great versatility.

Also débuted was the HSB-2M machine – a two-step, reheat stretch blow moulding unit with a double blow function. The machine is suitable for producing heat-resistant jars of up to four litres.
The heat-resistant PET jars moulded on the HSB-M system enable either hot-filling or in-container pasteurisation of various foodstuffs such as jams, pickles and pasta sauce. Filling temperatures of up to 95°C are possible depending on the container specification. Visitors witnessed a 950ml PET heat-resistant jar, with 82mm neck diameter and 66g weight, being moulded at an output of 1 440 bottles/hour.
Its sister machine, the HSB-is already in the European market moulding 63mm neck 350ml jars for pickles sold under the Marks & Spencer premium food brand.
The popular ASB-12M one-step machine also made an impression on the stand by moulding wide mouthed jars in the shape of Jack’O’Lantern pumpkins just in time for Hallowe’en.  It is capable to mold a wide range of containers for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, liquor and foodstuffs, in PET and other materials.

The ASB-12M utilizes two servo-driven hydraulic pumps that Nissei ASB says reduce energy consumption by more than 20% versus similar, hydraulically operated machines.

¦ Efficient Energy Usage
Due to increased scale of production and hybrid operation, energy cost per bottle has been reduced by 25%, and air consumption by 20%.
Furthermore, unlike wasteful 2-step systems that need to fully cool and re-heat the preform, the 1.5-step process retains most of the heat from the injection molding process for final blowing of the bottle. The short heating oven is only necessary to partially re-heat and optimize the temperature profile of the preform. The result is less energy required for cooling and re-heating.
¦ Resin to Bottle in a Small Space
Preform transfer to blowing takes place inside one machine. Only 25~30% of the production space is required.
Without the need for two machines, a preform unscrambler, preform storage and transportation – a fraction of the floor area is required when compared to an equivalent 2-step molding installation
¦ 1.5-Steps Optimizes Mold Utilization
The 1.5-Step PF molding process is based on the principle that it takes around three times longer to injection mold and cool a preform than itdoes to blow the bottle.
With this in mind, the PF24-8B molds 24 preforms with up to 38mmneck, then optimizes their temperature before passing them to the 8cavity blow station.
¦ High Output
In the 12-4 configuration 5 litter, 83 gram bottles can be molded at upto 2,400bph. In the 24-8
Configuration,production rates up to9,000bph can be achieved for a 500ml 9.8 gram water bottle.
¦ Hybrid Operation
The injection unit and injection clamp utilize hydraulic operationsupplied by energy efficient variable displacement pumps. All otherfunctions, including transfer, stretch and blow mold clamping use servo motors to further reduce power consumption.
¦ Changeable Cavitation
Unlike the smaller PF models, the PF24-8B is capable of beingconverted from its native 24-8 cavity molding setup for up to 1.5 litter bottles, to a 12-4 cavity setup allowing molding of up to 5 litter containers with 48mm neck diameter.
¦ Perfect Quality & Improved Efficiency
With no preform scuffing, neck damage or distortion, the product quality from a 1.5-step machine is perfect every time. And with nodown-time from distorted preform necks causing stoppages at preformfeed points, efficiency is improved.

PF24-8B floor area Equivalent floor area for similar output 2-step molding
Without the need for two machines, a preform unscrambler, preformstorage and transportation – a fraction of the floor area is required when compared to an equivalent 2-step molding installation.

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