Manufacture PVC and PET rigid and flexible films

Trioplastics Invest in the South African Plastics Industry

Based in Chamdor, Krugersorp, TRIOPLASTICS is a fast growing company. They started in 2007 with the import of PVC and PET rigid and flexible films, they have ventured into locally manufacturing these products this year. Trioplastics is preparing their warehouse to welcome the arrival of their new machinery during July/August. TRIOPLASTICS will soon be a world-class local manufacturer of the “Calendered process” PVC rigid materials. Furthermore, with this new machinery, they will also be able to manufacture the widest PET films in South Africa up to 1.5m wide.

The Directors of Trioplastics built the company on three basic principals namely Price, Quality and Service. By producing locally, Trioplastics aim to have better control over the price and quality and by reducing the lead-time they can also improve their service.

Trioplastics based in Krugersdorp
Trioplastics new manufacturing plant
in Chamdor, Krugersdorp
The new and only Calendered process machinery in South Africa, will enable Trioplastics to manage and produce the various grades of PVC, suitable for the food and pharmaceutical industry as well as service the packaging industry with the major applications such as thermoforming, clamshells, blister packs, stationary, box folding, printing, cooling towers etc.

Trioplastics’ “Calendered process” PVC machine will be able to produce stable Rigid PVC films that is less likely to degrade and have stress in the material thus less chance of webbing in the thermoforming process. Calendered PVC has a gauge tolerance of 3% compared to extruded PVC with a tolerance of 10%. Even gauge tolerance minimizes the wastage and is ideal for lamination such as credit cards. This process will enable a high gloss and quality product because the calendered machine has superiority calendered rollers.

PVC Rolls in Warehouse at Trioplastics
PVC Film Rolls in Warehouse at Trioplastics
The PVC industry is over 80 years old and PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is also probably the world’s most researched polymer. Scientific research has repeatedly shown it is perfectly safe to use and is continuously being used for over 30 years in the USA and for about 25 years in Europe.PVC has various positive attributes because it is a cost-effective way of presenting, protecting and preserving food products. Not only does it have high oxygen and water vapor transmission, therefore preserving the freshness of meat, it also has good clarity and is very effective to display fresh products. PVC operates effectively on high-speed packing machines. It has good elastic recovery and is puncture resistant making it suitable for handling and can also be easily heat-sealed.

Trioplastics is extremely committed to the industry. The customer purchasing experience will be improved by creating a website where on-line orders can be placed, customers can download their statements, invoices and keep track of the status of their orders from manufacturing to delivering.

Trioplastics recently launched its first phase which is the revamped home page ( introducing the company and its personnel, newsletter and downloads that are frequently requested like the VAT and BEE certificate. Phase 2 will be implemented once the manufacturing plant is fully operational. With the introduction of this phase, their customers will receive a login and password and by doing so can requests quotes and orders on-line. Customers will be able to go into their account reviewing and downloading their invoices, statements and follow their status from the manufacturing to the delivery of their order. A “walk-through” video of the manufacturing process and plant will be released shortly enabling current and potential customers to view the facility without leaving their office/computer. This will also enable possibilities of exporting as an overseas customer will be able to cross the borders virtually.

By establishing themselves as a local manufacturer, TRIOPLASTICS want to invest in the South African Economy. They will not only help with job creation but will also help with closing the trade gap between importing and exporting plastics. They will be able to recycle, reproduce and service the customers custom made needs. Always keeping the three pillars in place – Quality, Price and Service.

Directors of Trioplastics
From left to right – Mike Wright (Sales Director), Derek Moonsammy (MD) and Chris Rossouw (Financial Director) the three Directors of Trioplastics standing in the foundation being built for Trioplastics new Calendered PVC Machine that will be mounted into the floor of the warehouse.


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