SAVA welcomes new members

SAVA welcomes three new members in one month


Johannesburg, 31 January 2014. The Southern African Vinyls Association (SAVA) is proud to welcome the following three new companies as members to the association:

  • CJP Chemicals – a leading importer, stockist and distributor of chemical raw materials and ingredients into the South African market
  • Eastman Chemicals  – a global specialty chemical company that produces a broad range of advanced materials, additives and functional products, specialty chemicals, and fibers that are found in products people use every day
  • BetafenceSouth Africa (Pty) Ltd – the industry leader in manufacturing innovative Architectural and Security fence (coated in PVC) and gate systems.


Delanie GrayAccording to SAVA CEO, Delanie Bezuidenhout, these new members have all decided to join SAVA after hearing about the work the association is doing through its Product Stewardship Programme (PSP).  “News of SAVA’s activities are being spread via word of mouth at various networking opportunities with other SAVA members, from the Green Buildings Council of South Africa who refer them to us, and from articles that appear in the media about the progress we are making in the local PVC industry related to sustainability”, Delanie says.

An Association that is making its voice heard
SAVA currently represents close to 80% of the local PVC industry and boasts 34 members.As the representative body of the Southern African vinyls industry, SAVA is ideally positioned within the local plastics industry with representation on the Recovery Action Group (RAG), the Packaging Council of South Africa (PACSA) and the Plastics|SA Sustainability Council to ensure that its members are represented on a broader platform.

SAVA also participates in knowledge transfer activities with the Australian Vinyls Council, The Global Vinyls Council, Vinyls Plus and other international organisations. Its main purpose is representing its members’ interests in the Southern Africa region to create consumer confidence within the industry and to develop and sustain markets for the polyvinyl chloride (PVC)business.

“SAVA’s members are given a voice, and they are therefore willing to invest energy, time and money to promote the vinyl industry, to share ideas and to address concerns. We offer our members a platform where they are equipped to protect their investments through knowledge. They share a camaraderie that is envied by others and most of them are reaping the rewards of membership through constant business coming their way”, Delanie says.
Membership benefits that attract new members

SAVA makes it clear that its on-going success is dependent on the backing and participation of our members.   Delanie explains that “belonging to an industry association such as SAVA offers our members bargaining power, networking opportunities, access to information and the opportunity to stay on top of industry developments.  Our members all agree on the premise that being part of a successful and growing industry implies accepting a responsibility towards others.  They don’t hesitate when it comes to industry leaders joining forces, the sharing of ideas or when the time comes to turn ideas into action”.

Dates and events to diarise:

SAVA welcomes enquiries about membership to be directed to Delanie Bezuidenhout via email at or telephonically at (082) 444-6866.  “If you are the type of person who defines your business, stays up to date with developments in your industry and builds your relationships on sound business values, then you are most probably the type of business person who would enjoy rubbing shoulders with others in your industry.  We would love to welcome you to our association or to attend one of the following forthcoming events that will allow you to find out more about SAVA, its Product Stewardship Programme and its mission and vision:

    • Annual General Meeting (AGM) that will be taking place on the 9th of April 2014, during which SAVA’s Annual Report will be released, along with the results of its second SAVA Product Stewardship Programme survey.
    • SAVA will also be representing the local vinyls industry at the PVC2014 conference in Brighton
    • Vinyl Sustainability Conference hosted by SAVA in October 2014, which will be attended by members of the Global Vinyls Council


SAVA members at the signing of its Product Stewardship Programme:

Front row (FLTR):

Maria Stephanou (SASOL)

Pat Govender (NCP Chlorchem)

Andy Halls (Floorworx)

Charl Fourie (Capital Polymer Additives)

Mark Holtes (Isegen)

Nico Scheepers (independent consultant)

Back row (FLTR):

Frank Lovell (Arengo Plastics)

Pieter du Plessis (Polyflor)

Tandy Spolander (Polyflor)

Gary van Eyk (Sun Ace)

Kumar Naidoo (Scinergy)

George Dimond (Continental Compounders)

Delanie Bezuidenhout (CEO: SAVA)

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Nissei ASB - Injection Stretch Blow Moulding Machines
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