SPE Thermoforming Parts Competition 2014 Winners

Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) 2014 Thermoforming Parts Competition Winners




Associated Thermoforming, Inc., Berthoud, CO
Bowling Pin Elevator

Bowling Pin Elevator

This enclosure is a bowling pin elevator used in collecting, transporting, and re-setting bowling pins. Associated Thermoforming, Inc. received the Heavy Gauge Twin Sheet Gold award for the part, as well as the Peoples’ Choice award, at the recent SPE Thermoforming Division parts competition. [Photo: Dallager Photography]

This Twin Sheet formed enclosure is a bowling pin elevator used in collecting, transporting and re-setting bowling pins.
Features and Benefits:
Two multi cavity temperature controlled production molds produce seven different parts. The material used is Poly One TPO Extreme LG .187” starting gage. Development and functionality of these parts took several years. Strict process control and two infrared
thermal imaging line scanners were used in development of this product. Part detail and cooling is aided by ten “blow pins” per mold. The blow pins are programmed using 5 different core pull valves. Along with the given challenges of forming a large TPO part
controlling shrink to assure accurate CNC trimming was also very difficult. Post cooling fixtures are used to maintain the proper shape and dimension of the chain track area that rides between the two main parts. The cosmetic surface of the rear panel is achieved with a textured mold surface. The OEM’s conversion of these parts from steel to thermoformed plastic has greatly increased their machines performance. Reducing down time, maintenance costs, pin jams and pin life.


Lindar Corporation, Baxter, MN
Simply Secure Tamper Obvious Two Piece Package

Simply Secure Tamper Obvious Two Piece Package
An innovative Tamper Obvious two-piece package that is intuitive and easy to use for perishable food packaging.
Features and Benefits
Our new Tamper Obvious closure can be applied to two-piece package designs and applications. The design and use of our two-piece Tamper Obvious closure is easy to use and requires no special instructions or equipment to close the package. Packages are re-closeable after the Tamper Obvious closure is removed to allow consumers to keep products packaged and fresh during use.
The 8”pie package (shallow and tall dome) has two specific performance related design innovations to enhance the product quality of prepackaged thaw and sell frozen pies; the first is perimeter ventilation to allow the package to breathe and the second is a slightly domed top area to disperse condensation to the perimeter area of the dome.
Each package is designed to allow retail displays to be stacked high to build stable mass displays when desired. The 7” cake package design creates a freshness seal when closed to help insure product freshness is maintained until customers consume the product packaged. Our Tamper Obvious package design supports automation designed to de-nest, place, close and engage the Tamper Obvious closure.
Items are made from .015-.035 starting thickness RPET on a 6 cavity aluminum production tool. Trim registration and consistent perforations to remove the Tamper Obvious closure presented significant tooling and production challenges.
Customers have responded very well to having additional Tamper Obvious packages that offer more complex designs options that protect and enhance product presentation in a cost effective package.


think4D, Altona, MB Canada
Gillette Venus Snap Trap Blister Pack

This dome shaped Trapped Blister is a strong, lightweight and completely recyclable package. The pre-printed .015” PET is thermoformed in precise registration to the sculptured 3D razor and entices consumers to pick up and feel the package.
Features and Benefits
This package uses 73% less plastic than previous Venus packaging, with a 27% overall weight reduction and a 53% reduction in packaging materials resulting in more densely
packed pallets for distribution. Key design objectives focus on reducing overall complexity, using less material and simplifying manufacturing. To keep the packaging compact the razor was placed inside a reusable travel pod. Since the semi-transparent pod reduces visibility to the razor, the innovative use of a pre-printed and thermoformed
image provides a true to life 3D representation of the razor.
The pre-printed thermoforming eliminates inserts, reduces packaging components and helps minimize size, weight and complexity. It delivers substantial savings in manufacturing, time and materials and reduces the package’s carbon footprint.
This consumer packaging contains the Gillette Venus Snap Razor sold online and in retail stores, displayed on hangers or with a self-standing display option.
Aluminum production tooling with six cavities per index, dynamic, temperature controlled, roll-fed, pressure forming and die cut. Challenges included precise registration to the pre-printed sculptured razor and the undercut on the foot of the trapped blister. Parts were placed off center in the cavities to minimize distortion with print compensation applied to ensure precise registration to the pre-printed parts. The end results are cost
effective, environmentally responsible packaging with a thermoformed tactile experience adding to the shelf appeal.

More information is available at www.thermoformingdivision.com or by contacting Lesley Kyle at 1-914-671-9524 or lesley@openmindworks.com.


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