Damax Sebenza Pack use CNC technology to streamline packaging production process

Advanced CNC technology streamlines packaging production process


24 March, 2014: Computer numerical control (CNC) technology used in the manufacturing process continues to place Damax Sebenza Pack as a leading packaging solutions provider in South Africa.

Johannesburg-based Damax Sebenza Pack operates from a 3 500 m2 manufacturing facility that specialises in the production of plastic packaging for numerous products, including; food, cosmetics, customised and industrial applications.

Managing director Brian Lovell reveals that Damax Sebenza Pack is the only local packaging company that boasts an in-house mould toolroom with computer numerically controlled (CNC) equipment for new product design and development, which sets it apart from the competition.
"Using advanced software, we are able to draw the product before downloading it onto a PC, which drip-feeds the machine. From there, we set up the blocks, parameters and tool heights, and the final machined component is completed within a matter of hours," he explains.
Damax Sebenza Pack has a total of three toolroom machines, including the TM-1P manufactured by USA-based Haas Automation - an internationally recognised leader in the manufacture of CNC vertical machining centres, horizontal machining centres, CNC lathes and rotary products.

The 40 taper Haas TM-1P mould toolroom is a fully enclosed ten-station automatic tool changer with an intuitive programming system and 1 MB of programme memory. It is powered by a 5,6 kW vector drive, with a maximum speed of 6 000 rpm and a maximum torque rating of 45 Nm at 1 200 rpm. 

For improved ease-of-use, Brian notes that the Haas TM-1P mould toolroom also features a 15-inch colour LCD monitor and full USB port functionality. "The machine is highly efficient and requires no more than five staff members to operate it throughout the CNC technology used at Sebenza Packentire manufacturing process, from programme input, all the way through to dye cutting, back grooving and final polishing."

Brian states that the Haas TM-1P mould toolroom is operated by UK-based Edgecam 3D milling computer aided manufacturing (CAM) software. "Unlike many CAM systems, Edgecam's 3D milling software is compatible with numerous computer aided design (CAD) systems. This ensures seamless operability between the two systems, with no data translation issues."
According to Brian, Edgecam's extensive suite of advanced 3D cycles are ideally suited for rapidly generating tool paths for all surface and solid machining needs. "This ultimately results in reduced cycle times and an overall higher level of machining efficiency."
By manufacturing its own moulds in-house using the Haas TM-1P mould toolroom and Edgecam 3D milling software, Brian points out that Damax Sebenza Pack is able to reduce overhead costs that are passed directly onto the customer, while ensuring that the company constantly remains at the forefront of new technology.

"The Haas TM-1P mould toolroom also enables Damax Sebenza Pack to offers its clients comprehensive advice with regards to new product packaging, as the customer will approach us with a general concept or a theme for the product packaging, and we will design and develop a mould for the mock-up or prototype packaging samples complete with graphics and logos," he continues.

CNC EquipmentThe prototype is manufactured with a resin that is cast into a block, and solidifies within ten minutes. Brian adds: "Following suggestions and any necessary modifications, we are able to provide the customer with the most effective solution. Once we receive final approval from the customer, the packaging will be sent to a final mould, and production can begin immediately."
He indicates that Damax Sebenza Pack completes more than 30 prototype packaging projects per month. "These prototypes do not always become a final product, however, this development plays an instrumental role in promoting creativity and innovation for Damax Sebenza Pack and its clients."
Brian reveals that this is another major differentiator between the company and its competitors. "A number of local packaging companies are rigid in their design and development. Damax Sebenza Pack, on the other hand, is committed to industry advancements by testing new concepts on a regular basis. This is especially beneficial over the holiday period, when businesses are looking to create unique packaging that catches the eyes of festive season shoppers," he concludes.

About Damax Sebenza Pack
Damax Sebenza Pack is dedicated to service excellence by providing quality packaging solutions through in-house design and mould-making expertise to enhance a product's visibility. We pride ourselves in our ability to maintain our high product standards, as well as our dedication to customer service with innovative solutions and total peace-of-mind.

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