DPI Plastics 630 mm bore PVC pipes

Delivery of first-ever locally manufactured 630 mm pipe is a success


Following the installation of the German-engineered Krauss Maffei extrusion line in mid-2013, DPI Plastics became the only plastic pipe manufacturer in Africa capable of producing 630 mm bore PVC pipes. The first R3,4-million order for the new pipes was made in early-2014 by AQUSERV for the Chimunda irrigation system in Mozambique.

DPI Exports ManagerAQUSERV director Luís Sampaio reveals that this large scale project requires high outputs. "In the past, the only solution was to lay two parallel pipelines or to import from Europe at a high cost. The DPI Plastics 630 mm uPVC pipeline ensures that a single pipeline is now required, which results in substantial savings with regards to materials purchases and transportation costs. It also significantly reduces installation times and associated costs, as a direct result of less material being required."
DPI Plastics exports manager Rajesh Naval notes that the SANS 966 approved 630 mm uPVC pipes supplied to the project boasts a pressure rating of 6 bars, with numerous benefits. "PVC is more cost effective and boasts a longer life expectancy, when compared to industry standard steel and concrete, which are often prone to corrosion damage over extended periods. PVC is also highly durable, with low frictional resistance and low wave celerity, thereby ensuring resistance to surges."

Due to the sheer size of the pipes, which come in standard 6 m lengths, Naval admits that transport proved to be a challenge, as the pipes did not initially fit onto the delivery trucks. "DPI Plastics swiftly developed a solution by manufacturing the pipes in 5,5 m lengths, which ensured that all 440 pipes were efficiently delivered onsite by 13 separate trucks, each carrying 36 individual pipes."

Sampaio states that additional logistical challenges, including Mozambique's poor road infrastructure and cross-border red tape, were overcome by strict planning and daily reporting. "The delivery process was further streamlined through clear and consistent communication between AQUSERV and its client, as well as all relevant suppliers and service providers."

Following the successful onsite delivery of all the pipes in March 2014, Sampaio indicates that the contractor has started laying the pipes. "In addition to the 630 mm pipes, we are also supplying our client with a wide range of alternate diameter PVC and steel pipes, pipe fittings, pumps, valves and related accessories worth R6,5-million, in order to meet the unique demands of this project."

DPI Plastics 630mm Duroflo uPVC pipe leaving factory
"Over the years, AQUSERV has developed a reputation for being recognised as a leading integrated provider of complete fluid conveyance solutions, thanks to competitive pricing and client centred service delivery excellence. We have maintained this standard throughout the duration of this phase of the Chimunda irrigation project, and feedback from the client has been overwhelmingly positive."

DPI Plastics 630mm uPVC pipe custom lengths were ordered to fit

According to Sampaio, AQUSERV has been a DPI Plastics customer for several years. "During this time, the working relationship between the two companies has grown from strength to strength, thanks to mutual respect and understanding. What's more, DPI Plastics has a proactive and flexible approach towards business, which opens up potential opportunities for new business development."

DPI Plastics 630mm uPVC pressure pipe loaded and ready for transport to Mozambique
The Krauss Maffei extrusion line at DPI Plastics' factory in Johannesburg is capable of producing up to 22 tons of PVC piping products per day. In addition to the 630 mm uPVC pipes supplied to the Chimunda irrigation project, the extrusion line is also capable of producing up to 630 mm SANS 966 approved mPVC pipe with pressure ratings up to 12 bar, and up to 630 mm SANS 791 approved underground sewerage and drainage pipe, available in standard duty and heavy duty options.

DPI Plastics uPVC pipes nested for transport
Naval believes that the new extrusion line has opened up new avenues of growth for DPI Plastics' exports markets in the irrigation, bulk water, stormwater and sewerage industries. "With infrastructural development taking place across Africa in particular, we have seen a rise in the number of enquiries related to the 630 mm PVC piping range. As a result, I believe that DPI Plastics has placed itself in a strong position to expand its footprint across the continent," he concludes.

About DPI Plastics
DPI Plastics (Pty) Ltd is a leading manufacturer of PVC and HDPE water reticulation and drainage pipe and fitting systems with two ISO 9001 certified South African factories based in Johannesburg and Cape Town.



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