Recycled Trickling Filters

Aiding in biological oxidation of organic wastes
while helping the plastics recycling process



Rigid PVC & PET films and sheeting is the core business of TRIOPLASTICS since 2007. Wanting to contribute to the recycling process,they looked at ways to put the waste and side trimmings PVC to good use. They expanded their product range to that of trickling filters, thus aiding in the recylcing of plastics.  The trickling filters are recorded as being one of the oldest and most commonly used methods of wastewater treatments.

Basically all the PVC off cuts and waste is converted into Trickling filters (also called a fixed film reactor) branded as Trio Blocks. This reactor is used as a method for the biological oxidation of organic wastes. Later removed by clarification, the biological growth on the fixed film reactor’s surface converts dissolved organic waste material/ammonia nitrogen into stable by-products including carbon dioxide, nitrates, nitrites, water and biological solids.

Advantages over other methods of treatment include: low energy consumption, reduced sludge bulking difficulties, reliable performance, high resistance to hydraulic and organic shock loads, effective land utilization, unsophisticated operational procedures and reducing the amount of plastics dumped into landfills.

TRIO BLOCKS are self-supporting synthetic media/fill fabricated from corrugated, rigid, recycled PVC sheets into cross flow and vertical media, each with specific treatment objectives in mind.

Recycled Trickling Filters

Cross flow media: each sheet is corrugated at a 60degree angle and assembled in a cross corrugated pattern with adjacent sheets, thereby ensuring continuous and uniform horizontal redistribution of both air and water throughout the full depth of the media. This results in increased contact time between wastewater and media biofilm and increasing liquid film diffusion.

Vertical flow media:  media formed by alternating flat and corrugated sheets. This media is effective in reducing possible bio-solids buildup while providing substantial BOD reduction. Recommended for high BOD loading applications. A clog resistant media designed for treating high strength industrial wastewater. 


Technical developments include solids contact, rotary distributor speed control, ventilation and utilization of plastics media, all of which contributed in making the trickling filter process the most cost effective answer in treating a multitude of wastewaters.

In each application, plastic media trickling filters offer consistent, reliable performance and significantly lower capital and operating costs compared to other biological treatment processes. Plastic media trickling filters can be used in Pre-treatment, Secondary treatment and Upgrade of Rock Trickling Filters.

This project specifically started to aid in the recycling of PVC and off cuts in the factory. TRIOPLASTICS continues to contribute to the sustainability of PVC in the plastics industry of South Africa. Through innovative thinking, the Directors decided to go with this product in order to created a overall winning outcome.


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