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Trioplastics Stand at Propak CapeTRIOPLASTICS will be using the PROPAK CAPE show in October to showcase their plant & machinery by means of using digital format, bringing the manufacturing plant to the clients and giving them a virtual tour of the plant. “PROPAK CAPE is another stepping stone to grow our business”, Mike Wright, National Sales Director, exclaims. Manufacturing locally and venturing into exporting is a challenge that TRIOPLASTICS’ welcomes with open arms. The show will also be used as a platform to introduce a new product manufactured by TRIOPLASTICS called TRIO blocks – Trickling filters (also called a fixed film reactor). This is TRIOPLASTICS’ way of contributing to the recycling process of off cut and wasted PVC.

Established in 2007 and situated in Krugersdorp, TRIOPLASTICS successfully service the packaging industry through the supply of locally manufactured rigid PVC and PET plastic films in roll form or sheets. These rigid materials are used in Thermo and Vacuum forming, Pharma & Food grade packaging as well as in Stationery and Box folding. Their recently launched Cooling Tower fills also forms part of the product line up and was specifically incorporated to assist in recycling the off-cuts and wasted PVC.

TRIOPLASTICS match world-class quality standards, previously only found in imported films. The calendering process results in a higher quality PVC product and the process allows for better gauge consistency as compared to extrusion. PVC films that have been extruded can have up to a 20% rejection rate when utilized by clients. Calendering process reduces this rejection rate to 1% and therefor is a preferred product by local and international clients as material waste is minimalized. The PET film production facility is able to produce roll width of up to 1.5m, unmatched in the current African Supply of PET films. The PET facility focuses on the manufacturing of high quality APET, RPET, GAG and sheeting.

Recently TRIOPLASTICS also invested into the recycling process of off-cuts of PVC. Trickling filters are recorded as being one of the oldest and most commonly used methods of wastewater treatments. All the PVC off cuts and waste is converted into Trickling filters (also called a fixed film reactor) branded as Trio Blocks. TRIO BLOCKS are self-supporting synthetic media/fill fabricated from corrugated, rigid, recycled PVC sheets into cross flow and vertical media, each with specific treatment objectives in mind. This reactor is used as a method for the biological oxidation of organic wastes. Later removed by clarification, the biological growth on the fixed film reactor’s surface converts dissolved organic waste material/ammonia nitrogen into stable by-products including carbon dioxide, nitrates, nitrites, water and biological solids.

This project specifically started to aid in the recycling of PVC and off cuts in the factory. TRIOPLASTICS want to contribute to the sustainability of PVC in the plastics industry of South Africa. Through innovative thinking, the Directors came up with a product that created an overall winning outcome.

By manufacturing locally, TRIOPLASTICS is looking forward to servicing all the needs of our new and existing clients with world-class films. TRIOPLASTICS deliver on time and ensure the best prices, hereby fulfilling their promise of QUALITY, PRICE and SERVICE.

The Directors of TRIOPLASTICS continuously anticipate future competition and monitors industry developments in order to evolve in today’s ever-changing competitive business world. A company can no longer simply follow on the industry trend but constantly need to reinvent and innovate itself in order to stay one step ahead of competitors.The ultimate goal for TRIOPLASTICS is to be able to service their customers and the industry worldwide with QUALITY product at the best PRICE through excellent SERVICE.

Propak Cape 2014 Digital Ticket
Propak Digital Tciket - pdf file


Contact: Venica Rossouw

Phone +27 (0)828225671
Fax +27(0) 86 566 9579

Trickling Thermoforming MachinesTrickling Filter Thermoforming Machine

Directors of TrioplasticsDirectors Chris Rossouw (FD), Mike Wright (SD) and Derek Moonsammy (MD) infront of the Trickling Filter Thermoforming Machine

PVC calendering MachinePVC calendering Machine

PVC calendering MachinePVC calendering Machine

PVC calendering MachinePVC calendering Machine

PVC Calendering MachinePVC calendering Machine

Clear PVC coming out of the PVC calendaring machineClear PVC coming out of the PVC calendaring machine

PVC calendared rollersPVC calendared rollers

PET Machine PET Machine

PET MachinePET Machine

Trioplastics BuildingTrioplastics Building

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