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Kahn & Kahn stresses the importance of using SABS approved products


31 March, 2014:Industrial packaging and construction sheeting expert Kahn & Kahn Plastics has highlighted the importance of using SABS-approved materials in construction.

Kahn and Kahn MD David TrompKahn & Kahn managing director David Tromp notes that in construction it is important to make use of South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) approved products. “Any polyethylene sheeting that goes into a building has to be SABS-approved. What happens on site is that the builders will go and buy a product from a merchant, such as green under surface bed sheeting. The SABS approved product should be 3/4/6 m wide by 250 micron by 30 m, but there are cheaper products on the market that the builder would buy in place of that.”

When producing SABS-approved products, there are certain regulations that the manufacturers have to adhere to. “There are companies that produce products using recycled material and these products often run thinner and are available at a cheaper price. These products are under-specification and if so, illegally bear the SABS-approved label on them.”
Tromp explains that the SABS and the National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS) are working together to address the problem of inferior quality products on the market. “There was recently a meeting between the SABS and manufacturers of construction products in order to discuss the issuewithin the market. If the SABS receives a report that a manufacturer is producing under-specification material, they have a responsibility to go to that manufacturer and ask for samples in order to test the products.”

According to Tromp it is important to make use of SABS-approved products, as you are ensured that it is a quality product. “If you make use of inferior products, or products that are not SABS-approved, the results are not always instantaneous. With damp proofing it can take up to 10 years before an inferior product starts to fail, and it is not possible to check on the product once the concrete slab has been cast. The polyethylene lining used in roofing will yield more immediate results if an inferior product has been used, as it will disintegrate quicker, which causes tears if there is a flaw in the product, thereby leading to leaks. If you make use of SABS-approved materials you are guaranteed a quality product.”

Kahn and Kahn PlasticsThe SABS and NRCS have embarked on a plan to raise awareness among consumers about the difference between the various products and materials available on the market. “The aim is to educate consumers, as well as retailers, on the specifications and benefits of SABS-approved products. The SABS and the NRCS are also looking to implement a material check system at the retailers for when merchandise is delivered. This is crucial for retailers, as the new Consumer Act makes the retailer responsible for the quality of the product. There is a joint responsibility between the manufacturer and the retailer or distributor in order to ensure that the materials or products meet the standards required.”

In addition to ensuring that the building meets all construction standards, using SABS-approved materials can provide added benefits to the user. “With new energy saving laws being implemented in South Africa, insulation is becoming more important. As a result, the use of an SABS-approved aluminium based insulating material, such as sisalation, that can line and insulate a roof will ensure ongoing energy saving for the future.”

Tromp highlights that there are a variety of products supplied by Kahn & Kahn Plastics that are SABS-approved. “All the polyethylene sheeting that goes into a building that is supplied by Kahn & Kahn is SABS-approved. There will always be general purpose black sheeting which is recycled plastic used for tasks such as covering cement or bricks. However, this must be sold separately to SABS-productsand must be clearly labelled that they are intended for use as a general purpose material and not for construction purposes,” he concludes.

Kahn & Kahn’s SABS-approved range of construction sheeting includes: SABS Black 250mic, SABS Damp Proof Course 375mic, SABS Green 250mic, SABS Orange 250mic, Orange 375mic, Orange 500mic and Orange 1000mic, as well as SABS White Undertile 250mic.

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