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The local plastics industry will once again demonstrate its commitment to cleaning up the environment and removing plastics litter from our rivers, streams, oceans and neighbourhoods when the annual Clean-up and Recycle SA Week takes place from 16-21 September 2019.

Communities, businesses, schools, environmental groups and government departments are encouraged to host their own clean-ups in the areas where they work, live or play. Where possible, Plastics|SA will support these activities by donating branded garbage disposal bags as well as offering advice on how to organise a clean-up, where and how to recycle.

News item: Plastics Industry Tackles Waste in the Environment with Annual Clean-up and Recycle SA Week 16-21 SEPTEMBER 2019

Approximately 80% of ocean litter is derived from land based waste. Without effective waste collection, an avalanche of debris will enter the ocean. To prevent this, Plastics|SA is not only encouraging South Africans of all ages, races and backgrounds to participate in this year's Cleanup and Recycle SA week activities and World Cleanup Day, but also to be responsible in their daily activities by ensuring their recyclables are collected for recycling as we all continue to work towards a common goal: creating a cleaner world.

Background to Cleanup & Recycle SA Week

For the past 22 years, Plastics|SA has been partnering with Ocean Conservancy by coordinating South Africa's involvement in the annual International Coastal Cleanup Day. This annual event takes place on the third Saturday in September and sees thousands of volunteers each year collecting and removing litter from our waterways as part of Cleanup & Recycle SA week. The annual Cleanup & Recycle SA Week will be taking place around the country next week (10-15 September 2018), culminating in the first ever World Cleanup Day on Saturday, 15 September 2018.

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