Mpact Plastics Wadeville to produce a new generation closure

Submission Date : 2017-09-20

Mpact Plastics Wadeville to produce a new generation closure

Mpact sheds excess weight 

Mpact Plastics Wadeville purchased manufacturing equipment to produce a new generation closure, known in the industry as a CSD8 closure, which is a substitute for the heavier CSD5 closure.  The Sacmi equipment and tooling used to produce this closure places Mpact Plastics Wadeville at the forefront of producing closures in the South African market. 

Plastic Caps and Closures

With a 14% reduction in weight compared to the older generation closure, the focus was on staying true to the Mpact brand promise of creating smarter sustainable solutions with environmental and customer benefit at the forefront of the development process.

The inclusion of this closure in the Mpact Wadeville product offering has further extended Mpact’s closure range. The current CSD 5 closure of 2.5g is now complemented by the lighter CSD8 closure, also designed for the specific application of carbonated beverages. In addition to this, the brand new SACMI machines used to produce these closures are also set up to produce an even lighter closure for use on still water bottles. With capacity being available, this gives Mpact Plastics Wadeville the advantage to also service the still water market, at the press of a button.

The two SACMI machines used to produce this closure is not only energy efficient but also secures improved output, resulting in two machines being able to produce the same volumes as previously manufactured by three machines.  The use of this cutting-edge compression moulding technology forms a continuation of the existing technology strategy for the Mpact Wadeville plant. 


Mpact Closure Range

Mpact Closure Range

Customer satisfaction

With Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa (CCBSA) as the anchor customer for the development of the CSD8 closure, Mpact committed to stringent quality and production standards, and tight delivery timelines. Equipment was delivered to the Mpact site in June and production commenced in July. The successful implementation of this project, under the leadership of Wadeville general manager, Kallie Albertse, ensured that CCBSA not only signed off on the product timeously, but was delighted by what they experienced during a visit to the state-of-the-art factory.

About Mpact

Mpact is a leading producer of rigid plastic packaging and cling film, producing a range of packaging and serving a multitude of blue-chip customers within various industries, including products for the food, beverage, personal care, homecare, pharmaceutical, agricultural, industrial and retail markets.

Contact: Mpact Wadeville Plastics 011 418 6000


Mpact Plastics Wadeville to produce a new generation closure
Mpact Plastics Wadeville to produce a new generation closure

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