ASB to Demonstrate High Speed Cosmetic Molding and Advanced Machine Control Technology at IPF

Submission Date : 2017-09-04

ASB to Demonstrate High Speed Cosmetic Molding and Advanced Machine Control Technology at IPF

Nissei ASB Machine at the IPF 2017 Exhibition

Nissei ASB Machine Co., Ltd. (Head office: Komoro-shi, Nagano-ken, Japan –Representative director: Daiichi Aoki), a world leading manufacturer of machines for one-step injection stretch blow molding of PET and other plastics, will exhibit at the IPF 2017 exhibition (Booth 72202), to be held at Makuhari Messe, Japan from 24th to 28th October 2017.  Live molding will be demonstrated on ASB’s 250 square meter booth with two machines together with a display of some of the most interesting recent updates in injection stretch-blow molded packaging technology.


ASB Machine


IPF 2017

Held every 3 years in Chiba-Prefecture Japan, the IPF exhibition is Japan’s premiere event for the plastics and rubber industry.  In 2014 the fair attracted 43,000 visitors with nearly 10% coming from 45 overseas countries. Over 770 exhibitors participated from a total of 27 countries with 81% reporting that the exhibition provided either good or very good sales promotion results. Forecasts for 2017 estimate that attendance of exhibitors and visitors is expected to rise by around 4-5% over 2014 levels.

ASB Theme

Two machines will be making live molding demonstrations. In direct contrast to the oft-seen “concept molding” approach of unrealistic weight and cycle times that cannot be reliably converted into actual production, ASB will be focusing on highly efficient, stable molding of premium quality products that are optimized for the real-life production environment.


ASB Machine


ASB-12Mv2 -High Speed Cosmetic Container Molding & Advanced Control System

Nissei ASB will be presenting an update of its hugely popularASB-12M model (prototype) for small container molding.  The revised version now making its global debut in corporates an all-new control and interface system that offers significant advantages to users;

  • Adapted larger, easy to read 15” touch panel provides easier access to relevant information without changing pages. (Previous panel was 12”.)
  • Simple operation by touch screen operation.
  • PC based system makes it extremely flexible in use and compatible with Industrie 4.0 for enhanced factory networking.

In the future, more convenient functions for users listed below will be supported.

  • Improved traceability & quality control.
  • Improved operator feedback improves troubleshooting response time and minimizes down-time.
  • Easier & faster maintenance available.


The new version maintains all of the capabilities for production of a vast range of PET containers, including highly efficient light-weight bottles and wide mouthed jars, to the highest quality while providing very low total cost of ownership. Key features include;

  • Ability to process more than 15 resin types in addition to PET.
  • Molds containers from 5ml or less all the way up to 2.5-liter capacity.
  • Variable cavitation from 15mm neck diameter eye drop bottles in eight cavities through to 83mm neck diameter jars in a single cavity.
  • Servo driven hydraulic pumps installed as standard, contributing to major energy savings and offering smooth and extremely quiet operation.
  • Backwardly compatible with existing class mold tooling with minimal modifications.
  • Small size allows fast mold changeovers will minimal manpower, and minimal or no special lifting equipment.


In addition, the model displayed at IPF will be fitted with the optional long stroke injection unit that provides a 50% increases in available shot-size, expanding the scope for large containers, heavy-weight cosmetic bottles, or materials such as polypropylene that have lower density.

All of these benefits make it an ideal platform for a start-up company looking to make future-proof investments into an ever changing market, or for larger companies wishing to exploit niche markets where higher margins are to be found. With its full featured specification, it also makes an ideal laboratory machine for R&D work and pilot molding before committing to much larger multi-cavity systems for major projects.

At IPF 2017 the machine will demonstrate molding of a 31 gram, 46ml premium quality cosmetic bottle featuring an average wall thickness of 2mm giving it a glass-like feel and appearance.  Despite the high weight, the advanced four cavity family mold will output over 1,000bph -  around 50% higher than similar quality production from competitors’ machines.


ASB Bottles
ASB Bottles


ASB-70DPHv4 – Best Selling Versatility in a Compact Package

The ASB-70DPH is a mid-range one-step injection stretch blow molding machine that offers extreme molding versatility in a “just-right” size with competitive investment costs and low cost of ownership.  It utilizes ASB’s renown 4-station molding process to achieve optimum molding efficiency and stability of a wide range of molding materials. It has remained a long-term industry’s best seller in its class for a variety of reasons;

  • The ASB four-station molding process with perform conditioning station that radically increases flexibility and provides increased production stability production over competitors’ systems.
  • Containers molded from raw material to finished product in one compact machine,
  • Ability to process more than 15 resin types in addition to PET.
  • Molds containers from 50ml or less all the way up to 10 liters’ capacity.
  • Variable cavitation from 18mm neck diameter small bottles in 12 cavities through to 149mm neck diameter jars in a single cavity.
  • With more than 2,000 units shipped, the design is well proven as solid and ultra-reliable.
  • A wide array of factory options allows buyers to tailor the machine to their own project-specific needs.
  • With no hydraulic components above the molding area the risk of product contamination is completely eliminated.


The machine specification will feature ASB’s optional servo-driven hydraulic system that achieves extremely low power consumption.  In tests using the same molds, an energy consumption reduction of 40% was achieved compared with the standard pump equipped model, and approx. 64% reduction compared with the previous generation ASB-70DPH v3.

The product to be molded is a six cavity 60 gram, 500ml shampoo container in a family mold featuring heavy engraving for a premium quality look and feel that is typical for the Japanese market.  The output of just over 1,000bph is again exceptional for a container of this weight and quality and perfectly demonstrates the advantages of one-step injection stretch blow molding for versatile molding requirements.

Interested visitors may also view a full line of matched ancillary equipment that ASB is able to supply for all its models, such as resin dryer, chiller, mold dehumidifier and mold temperature controllers.  Each machine will also be equipped with ASB designed pick and place take-out units with conveyor system allowing prospective customers to easily install the molding machine up-stream of a filling line.


Nissei ASB South Africa (Pty)Ltd

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ASB to Demonstrate High Speed Cosmetic Molding and Advanced Machine Control Technology at IPF
ASB to Demonstrate High Speed Cosmetic Molding and Advanced Machine Control Technology at IPF

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