BOY with a free of charge anniversary package

Submission Date : 2018-07-06

BOY with a free of charge anniversary package

BOY with a free of charge anniversary package

On the occasion of Dr. BOY’s 50th anniversary the management has prepared a “thank-you” for its customers in Germany and abroad: For all machine orders from the 1st July until the end of the anniversary year BOY offers a special anniversary package.

This free “Extra” applies to all machine types worldwide and includes the following options:

BOY 50 year anniversary


● Interface for the ejector plate safety,
● four freely-programmable inputs and outputs,
● the interface package,
● the relay output during plasticizing,
● the oil filling of the machine.

BOY injection moulding machines 50 year anniversary

Since its foundation in 1968, BOY has realized a large number of technical developments and launched new products onto the market. Until today almost 50,000 Injection Moulding Machines have been manufactured and sold worldwide. A lot has changed since the beginning 50 years ago, comments Alfred Schiffer. However, the determination and continuity, with which the company founder Max Schiffer started, still rules the activities of the BOY employees in development, production, administration, sales and customer care. In addition to the production facility in Neustadt-Fernthal and the sister company in the USA, there are around 60 independent sales partners around the world cooperating with the specialist of Injection Moulding Machines with a clamping force of up to 1,000 kN.

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BOY with a free of charge anniversary package
BOY with a free of charge anniversary package

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