Developed specifically for the South African market – a quality guarantee which is awarded exclusively to members

SAVA’S newly launched VINYL-DOT - Buy PVC Wisely

Submission Date : 2019-08-05


SAVA Vinyl-Dot

The Southern African Vinyls Association’s (SAVA) newly launched Vinyl-dot (vinyl.) offers consumers and end-users the assurance that PVC products carrying this quality mark, adhere to SAVA’s Product Stewardship Commitment (PSC) in that they are lead-free, only use additives that have been approved for high human contact applications and are recyclable.

“Vinyl is an incredibly versatile product and is used in a wide variety of different industries and products – ranging from school shoes, gum boots, raincoats and umbrellas, to saving lives in the healthcare industry where they are used in IV bags, blood bags, tubing, oxygen masks, bed covers, flooring, blister packs and inflatable splints. However, PVC is also frequently criticised for posing potential health risks and being a difficult-to-recycle plastic,” says SAVA Chief Executive Officer, Adri Spangenberg.

In order to counter these attacks, SAVA’s vinyl-dot has been developed specifically for the South African market – a quality guarantee which is awarded exclusively to members who are able to prove that their products meet international safety and quality standards.

“The vinyl-dot is awarded free of charge, but has to be renewed annually. It is only issued once the SAVA Executive has confirmed that the member specifies sustainable manufacturing, uses additives in a way that is responsible and sustainable, subscribes to a closed loop management system and is committed to recycling and sustainability awareness that is in line with our PSC,” Adri says.

Moreover, the vinyl-dot is an important differentiator between SAVA members who belong to this Producer Responsibility Organisation and therefore subscribe to the Industry Waste Management Plan (IndWMP) and non-members or so-called “free riders”.

Since officially launching the vinyl-dot at their AGM in April this year, more than 21 SAVA members have already been granted the rights to display the logo on their products, websites and other marketing material. These include raw material suppliers, converters and importers of vinyl products that are sold on the local market.

“It is our hope that this mark will be used as a highly visual and instantly recognizable sign of excellence that proves that vinyl products can be safe, responsible and sustainable. We encourage the public to buy PVC wisely. Buy vinyl.” Adri concludes.

For more information about SAVA and the vinyl-dot, visit

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