Servo Hydraulic Injection Moulding Machine for thermoplastics with five points double toggle clamping device Hydraulic circuit managed by servo-motor Bosch.

Plastic Equipment Supplies launches new Injection Moulding Machine Series IT HES

Submission Date : 2020-02-13

Description of the Injection Moulding Machine Series IT HES

SERVO HYDRAULIC INJECTION MOULDING MACHINE for thermoplastics with five points double toggle clamping device Hydraulic circuit managed by servo-motor Bosch, dedicated inverter and gear pump Moving platen sliding upon low-friction, auto-lubricated linear guides Magneto-strictive transducers wired in CAN bus digital network 19” touch screen control panel based upon industrial PC e and LINUX operating system Interface for communication with remote server computer (tele-service)


  • Industrial PC and Linux operating system
  • 19” touch-screen
  • CANbus network controller
  • Magnetostrictive transducers MTS
  • Internal memory for data
  • Printer interface
  • USB slot
  • Ethernet slot
  • Closed loop upon all movements
  • Integrated quality control page
  • Production management page
  • Troubleshooting page
  • Quick setting page
  • ON/OFF timer clock
  • Auxiliary timer
  • Energy consumption monitor
  • Real profiles

  • "Bosch Super Unit" integrated servo-motor unit
  • (Inverter + servomotor + high resistance gear pump)
  • Dynamics and speed of intervention
  • Up to 78% energy savings compared to conventional systems (fixed pump - variable pump)
  • Reduction of the quantity of oil and reduction of its working temperature
  • Noise reduction less than 60 dB
  • Maximum precision of the molding cycle

  • Latest generation magnetostrictive transducers
  • Precise control of the closing force
  • Real-time monitoring of the force of closing
  • Minimizes the causes of damage to the columns
  • Keeps the closing force stable
  • Minimization of mold damage e optimization of maintenance costs
  • Maintain stable molding conditions minimizing the change in strength of closing according to the temperature variation

  • CLAMPING UNIT Prismatic guides on the tie bars
  • Three speeds profiles
  • Self-adjustment of mould thickness
  • Self-adjustment of clamping force
  • Mould safety function
  • Set of flowmeters for mold cooling control

  • Ceramic heater bands P.I.D. autonomous barrel heating
  • 1 hopper cooling circuit
  • 5 injection speed steps
  • 5 plasticizing phases
  • 5 backpressure steps
  • Injection speed in % - mm/s – cm3/s Screw safety speed (to prevent cold starts)


Ripress has been the first European maker to implement a servo-proportional system (composed by inverter, servomotor and gearpump) on an injection moulding machine for thermoplastics.
The Ripress solution, called H.E.S. System, anticipates the times regarding the energy saving, dynamics and noise reduction. The virtually immediate response of the servomotors, compared with the traditional variable displacement pumps with electromechanical drive, allows an improvement in performance, efficiency and – especially – reliability. The perfect management of pressures and deliveries of the fluid, instantly adjusted to the actual need, prevents the waste of energy and allows a considerable rationalization of the hydraulic circuit. A simplification that also pays off in terms of a matchless value per money, due to the significant cost saving in the making.
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