Compressed air and Industrie 4.0 – Kaeser Kompressoren has precisely the right solutions for deriving maximum benefit from this powerful combination.

Kaeser Compressed air and Industrie 4.0 at EMO

Submission Date : 2017-07-14

Ideal foundation for Industrie 4.0

Compressed air and Industrie 4.0 – Kaeser Kompressoren has precisely the right solutions for deriving maximum benefit from this powerful combination. At EMO, the compressed air systems specialist presents a comprehensive showcase of innovative products and services with powerful advantages. All users – no matter the scale of their operation or industry – are sure to find the right solution for a compressed air supply that’s reliable, efficient and most importantly, completely ready for integration into the Industrie 4.0 environments of the future.

Kaeser offers single units as well as complete system solutions that cover the entire compressed air system life-cycle. Kaeser’s extensive product portfolio ranges from highly efficient rotary screw compressors for compressed air production, together with compatible treatment options, intelligent controllers and management systems – to innovative and individually tailored service solutions, including predictive maintenance and cost-effective contracting solutions.


The new screw compressors have the most efficiency with IE4 motors.

The new screw compressors have the most efficiency with IE4 motors.


Efficiency first

An efficient compressed air supply begins with efficient components, which is why Kaeser now equips all of its rotary screw compressors from 30 kW and up with Super Premium Efficiency IE4 motors as standard. With the best efficiency values currently available, they serve to further cut compressor power consumption. Moreover, further refinement and optimisation of Kaeser’s renowned Kaeser Sigma Profile airends – the key components actually responsible for producing the compressed air – has helped boost specific power in rotary screw compressors from 75 kW and up, for example, by as much as 12 percent. The new DSD and FSD-series rotary screw compressors therefore offer significantly enhanced efficiency and higher flow rates – which translate into tangible energy cost savings.

The frequency-controlled ASD compressor series has set yet another milestone: the synchronous reluctance motor now installed as standard for the first time features markedly lower rotor power losses – precisely in the crucial partial-load range – compared to asynchronous motors.

Industrie 4.0 compatibility

It‘s a given that the central aspects of Industrie 4.0 – machine networking and communication capabilities – are highly beneficial no matter what size of compressor is used. Accordingly Kaeser is now also extending Industrie 4.0 capabilities to its smaller rotary screw compressor models (2.2 to 22 kW) so that users of these units can also benefit from seamless integration into Industrie 4.0 environments. Specifically in the future, SX - ASK series rotary screw compressors will feature the Sigma Control 2 compressor controller as standard equipment – the component necessary to unlock the powerful benefits of machine networking.

Sigma Air Manager 4.0

Kaeser’s signature compressed air management system, now featuring improved 3D Advanced Control, perfectly harmonises the operation of all components in a compressed air system to ensure maximum availability and energy efficiency at all times. As such it acts as the central node and basic requirement for taking advantage of powerful Industrie 4.0 services such as permanent energy management and predictive maintenance.

Individualised service

Modern, innovative service solutions are a crucial part of a compressed air supply’s life-cycle; in fact, they’re a vital component of any complete system. With the innovative Sigma Smart Air service, Kaeser makes customer-tailored maintenance services available to every user. In addition to enabling predictive maintenance in combination with the Sigma Air Manager 4.0, Sigma Smart Air ensures optimum energy efficiency and compressed air availability.

Simply buy the compressed air you use – contracting with Sigma Air Utility

Operator models, such as Sigma Air Utility, perfectly complement Kaeser’s extensive range of future-oriented compressed air products and solutions. Not everyone whose business relies on compressed air necessarily wishes to take on the effort and responsibility of maintaining their own on-site compressed air supply. So for some, paying for compressed air as a service can be highly worthwhile: the amount paid is directly linked to actual consumption. And since fixed costs are transformed into variable costs, the financial impact of production fluctuations is also reduced.

Kaeser Kompressoren is a world-leading manufacturer and provider of quality compressed air products and services. All products are made in Germany at the company’s Coburg and Gera plants. Kaeser is represented in over 100 countries by a comprehensive network of branch offices and authorised partners. Kaeser currently employs approximately 5500 people worldwide.



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