Mpact Versapak - Newly Developed Heataway Food Packaging Containers

Submission Date : 2017-11-09

Mpact Versapak - Newly Developed Heataway Food Packaging Containers

Mpact Versapak proves H'eataway® technology 


With over 200 local and international exhibitors displaying their most recent products, equipment and services across the larger packaging and food industry, Mpact Versapak entered the show with a fresh treat in mind.Six thousand visitors who attended the exhibition over a 3 day period had the opportunity to engage with the Mpact Versapak sales team and enjoy a fresh meal served in the newly developed H’eataway® food container, hot out of the oven.

With the aim to launch this revolutionary product and create credibility for the “freezer to oven” container, Mpact Versapak followed the “seeing is believing” approach by showing their visitors how a H’eataway®modified-PET container can be taken out of the oven with bare hands and undistorted whilst still enjoying the hot meal content.  With aromas such beef lasagne, lamb ricotta cannelloni, malva pudding and Dutch pear and caramel sauce filling the air, the exhibitors had little trouble finding their way to the Mpact Versapak stand


Food Packaging Containers

This initiative raised the Mpact Versapak’s brand visibility whilst showcasing one of their elite products, together with the rest of their basket of goods.  The teams’ innovation was positively received by the visitors and focus on sustainability and recycling was clearly visible. By literally placing the new H’eataway® tray into the hands of prospective decision-makers, Mpact Versapak has qualified a number of sales leads, all whilst also being exposed to other markets.“Visitors loved the concept and could see opportunities to replace foil alternatives for the home meal replacement (HMR) industries with the new H’eataway® container”, reports Chris Botha, Sales and Marketing manager for Mpact Versapak.



The show hosted an array of predominantly retailers, processors, co-packers, and distributors.  Show visitors, prospects and existing customer can look forward to ongoing promotions via electronic campaigns and onsite demonstrations.  



Food Packaging Containers - Retailers and processors


About Mpact 

Mpact is a leading producer of rigid plastic packaging and cling film, producing a range of packaging and serving a multitude of blue-chip customers within various industries, including products for the food, beverage, personal care, homecare, pharmaceutical, agricultural, industrial and retail markets.   
Contact: Mpact Plastics 021 877 5500


Mpact Plastics

Mpact Versapak - Newly Developed Heataway Food Packaging Containers
Mpact Versapak - Newly Developed Heataway Food Packaging Containers

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