Nissei ASB Expands Vision1™ Model Range & Demonstrates Versatility at NPE2024

Submission Date : 2024-03-19

Nissei ASB Expands Vision1™ Model Range & Demonstrates Versatility at NPE2024
Image above: (left) ASB-70DPW Vision1 from Nissei ASB with optional NVES take-out system, (right) 350ml (12oz) HDPE bottle for shampoo & similar personal care applications.

Nissei ASB Machine will demonstrate live molding of three of its ASB-Series molding machines at the upcoming NPE2024 exhibition

Nissei ASB Machine Co., Ltd. (Head office: Komoro-shi, Nagano-ken, Japan - President: Makoto Fujiwara), a world leading manufacture of machines and molds for injection stretch blow molding of PET and other plastics, will demonstrate live molding of three of its ASB-Series molding machines at the upcoming NPE2024 exhibition (South Hall Booth S19049), to be held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, USA from 6 th to 10 th May 2024.

NPE is the largest exhibition to be held in North America since 2018, as the 2021 event was cancelled due to the Covid pandemic. Nissei ASB has therefore prepared a large booth area of over 750m2 (8,000sq ft), to receive many new and existing customers among the expected attendance of over 60,000 visitors from more than 110 countries.

Vision1 + Zero Cooling

ASB will demonstrate live molding of a trio of machine models from its existing “ASB-Series” line-up that include a variety of new features & capabilities, further expanding upon the already incredible versatility & efficiency of these container molding solutions.

Key among these will be the global debut for these models of ASB’s optional Vision1™ control & monitoring system to provide a new level of information gathering abilities for improved operation, factory management, energy efficiency, maintenance & troubleshooting.

In addition, the PET molding demonstrations will highlight the improved product quality and productivity only achievable by ASB’s patented Zero Cooling™ technology.

  • ASB-70DPW v4 Vision1 – 1-Step Double Row Injection Stretch Blow Molding of a 350ml (12oz) HDPE shampoo bottle.
  • ASB-150DP Vision1 – 1-Step Injection Stretch Blow Molding of light weight 475ml (16oz) PET cups utilizing Zero Cooling™
  • ASB-150DPW Vision1 – 1-Step Double Row Injection Stretch Blow Molding of 900ml (30oz) PET mayonnaise jars utilizing Zero Cooling™


ASB’s Vision1 machine control & monitoring system is a proprietary software and hardware package fully compliant with the OPC UA global standard protocol for industrial network communication offering a host of possibilities;

  • Apart from machinery control, it also provides detailed feedback that can be networked into an existing factory management package, or the ASB standard “Vision1 for Factory” software solution.
  • Compatible upstream and downstream equipment can be integrated into the molding machine’s control panel to provide centralized control and monitoring.
  • Collected data can be networked globally to allow user’s management staff access to real-time machine operating conditions and efficiency.
  • Remote off-site data collection and diagnosis by the machine user’s technical staff, or direct to ASB technical support for users with a support subscription.

Vision1 For Factory Software

ASB’s Vision1 control system can be linked into any existing factory management system compatible with the OPC UA protocol, or for customers without existing infrastructure, the ASB supplied “Vision1 for Factory” software can be used standalone to generate user customizable data screens in any browser software for an entire production line, allowing full access to the generated data via any PC or mobile device, anywhere in the world.

Zero Cooling™

ASB’s patented Zero Cooling™ technology leverages the second (conditioning) station of the four-station process to provide additional cooling and/or modification to molded PET preforms, thus allowing the preform to be better optimized at the first (injection) station of the machine. The result is superior quality combined with higher productivity when compared to that of competitors systems.

In addition, and as will be demonstrated at NPE2024 by the ASB-150DP molding a lightweight PET cup, the second station can also be used to comprehensively re-shape the preform, enabling dramatic savings in weight while achieving optimized stretch ratios to maximize product quality.

ASB’s North American Technical Support Center

Of particular interest to ASB’s North American customers, the booth will also feature detailed presentations of existing and planned support capabilities at the Atlanta Technical Support Center in the existing areas of;

  • Sales – Convert customer’s concepts into reality.
  • Design – Container & mold with a USA based team able to provide fast concept design solutions and to support tooling/design queries.
  • Service – Mobile team supporting the ASB machine/mold population with commissioning, troubleshooting, audit, via either on-site or remote support.

And in the expanding areas of;

  • Production – Dedicated mold production unit offering local based emergency mold parts manufacturing, mold audits, mold modifications.
  • Expanded Parts Department – New capabilities including ’‘ASB Connect”, a web-based e-commerce site that enables customers a 360-degree view of each part, live inventory levels, sales price, and online ordering with tracking.
  • Training Department – A dedicated corporate trainer and formal training school that offers theoretical and practical training with a dedicated new training room and on-site machines.

Nissei ASB Expands Vision1™ Model Range & Demonstrates Versatility at NPE2024
Image above: (left) ASB-150DP Vision1 ISBM machine from Nissei ASB with optional NVES type take-out unit installed, (right) Lightweight & super-strong PET beer cups by 4-station ISBM courtesy of ASB’s Zero Cooling™.

NPE 2024 Live Molding Samples by Nissei ASB

ASB-70DPW Vision1 + HDPE Shampoo Bottles


  • ASB-70DPW v4 Vision1 : One-Step Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machine

  • Type : 350ml (12oz) HDPE Bottle
  • Weight : 29.5 grams
  • Output : 1,550 bph
  • Application : Personal care / shampoo

Utilizing the injection stretch blow molding (ISBM) process for HDPE resin enables the production of containers having improved chemical and moisture barrier over PET, while at the same time, enjoying the benefits of a highly accurate neck finish with zero weld lines in the base.

ASB’s 4-station, one-step ISBM machines are legendary for their versatility in molding diverse container designs & resin types. Molding of HDPE was previously demonstrated within the US market in a less demanding single-row molding configuration, garnering very positive customer interest, but with the request for higher output.

At NPE2024, Nissei ASB has responded to our customers’ feedback with the ASB-70DPW molding a non-round HDPE container in a double-row configuration giving significantly higher output making it a direct challenger in a sector of the market normally monopolized by traditional injection blow molding (IBM). Additionally, the ASB-70DPW has the advantage of huge flexibility as it can simply and easily be adapted to mold PET, PP, COC, and a wide range of other resins including bioplastics that are beyond the capabilities of IBM systems.

Machine control is via ASB’s Vision1™ control & monitoring system, while post-molded container handling will be demonstrated by the optional NVES-70DPW bottle take-out system. In summary this molding demonstration using the ASB-70DPW’s double row molding will confirm confidence in ASB’s HDPE molding technology with the company’s customer base providing high quality / high output for more complex HDPE container applications.

Nissei ASB Expands Vision1™ Model Range & Demonstrates Versatility at NPE2024
Image above: (left) ASB-150DPW Vision1 with optional NVES bottle take-out unit from Nissei ASB , (right) 900ml (30oz) PET Jar molded with ASB’s Zero Cooling technology ™.

ASB-150DP Vision1 + Lightweight PET Cup

  • ASB-150DP Vision1 : One-Step Injection Stretch Blow Molding
  • Type : 475ml (16oz) PET Beer Cup
  • Weight : 14.5 grams
  • Output : 3,000 bph
  • Application : Lightweight Stackable PET Drinking Cups

The ASB-150DP 1-step injection stretch blow molding machine is the largest capacity model in the ASB Series. It is therefore a perfect match for the North American market having enjoyed stable and robust sales since its launch, while it’s molding capacity and flexibility has also made it a firm favorite in the global market.

Although primarily designed for PET molding, as with all ASB Series machines, it is fully capable of molding almost any thermoplastic resin into a container-shaped product for both food and non-food-based applications.

Now, with the addition of both Vision1™ and Zero Cooling™ technologies, providing enhanced factory efficiency as well as enhanced quality and productivity, the molding of PET (as well as non-PET) containers has become even more cost effective for a wider range of products.

The live molding demonstration of lightweight PET cups at the NPE2024 exhibition provides an easily recyclable, more cost effective and more resilient molding solution over commonly used thermoforming or injection molded cups of similar size and weight. Post-molded container handling will be demonstrated by the optional NVES-150DP-P-8 bottle take-out system.

The molded cup will no doubt become a talking point at the event as the NPE exhibition’s official “Bottle Zone” will be serving beer and other refreshing beverages in this on-site molded cup at its Beer Garden meeting area.

ASB-150DPW Vision1 + PET Mayonnaise Jar

  • ASB-150DPW Vision1 : One-Step Double Row Injection Stretch Blow Molding
  • Type : 900ml (30oz) Jar
  • Weight : 40 grams
  • Output : 5,660 bph
  • Application : General Foods.

The second model from the ASB-150 Series is the ASB-150DPW, having the same general dimensions as the ASB-150DP but is engineered to provide double row molding for higher production volumes of medium sized bottles and jars in PET and a range of other resins.

At NPE2024, this model will also be debuting the optional Vision1 control & monitoring system that allows connection to any factory management network utilizing the global standard OPC UA protocol, enabling data collection for analysis of machine performance and efficiency.

The demonstrated live-molded container a typical PET jar for general food applications, however the inclusion of ASB’s Zero Cooling™ technology enhances both the quality and productivity of the container to a significant degree over standard molding methods.

The servo-hydraulic drive system fitted as standard provides smooth, quiet operation with drastically reduced energy consumption compared to previous driving systems. Real-time energy consumption data collected by the “Vision1 for Factory” data analysis software will be displayed, providing potential customers with detailed information.

Container handling will be demonstrated by the optional NVES-150DPW-P/V bottle take-out system.

Additional Information

The molding machines will be demonstrated at NPE2024 together with a wide range of matched upstream & downstream ancillary equipment including bottle take-out units, chillers, resin dryers, mold temperature controllers, etc. ASB’s booth will also be exhibiting an exciting range of new developments and packaging technologies including; Zero Cooling, heat resistant PET containers, lightweight collapsible water servers, canted/tilted neck bottles, HDPE bottles by ISBM, thick wall / base cosmetic bottles, etc

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