What’s hot in the convenience, home meal replacement and meat industries

Submission Date : 2018-10-10

What’s hot in the convenience, home meal replacement and meat industries

In the highly competitive convenience market, participants often struggle to find the competitive edge in their offering. With quality and value for money being two of the top considerations, participants should align themselves strategically with suppliers that are able to support these objectives. Elements such as ingredients, equipment and packaging are all contributors to producing and preserving quality and securing a returning customer base.


To aid with packaging superior meals and avoid compromising its quality during the storage period, Mpact Versapak has developed two unique products aimed at the food industry. By offering practical solutions to industry challenges, we are able to contribute to the industry in a meaningful way.


Specifically designed for the convenience food and home meal replacement (HMR) industries, the H’eataway® containers is a one of a kind packaging application. With its dramatically lower carbon footprint, the H’eataway® Tray is positioned to become the aspirational and leading HMR tray for brands and industries that use environmental awareness to enhance brand image. It is both recycled and recyclable. The world’s first insulated food tray made from recycled PET bottles (aka water bottles) ensures that the containers’ outer surface remains cool whilst the inner surface and content heats up.This means that the tray can be removed from the oven with bare hands and the heated content can be consumed whilst comfortably and safely holding the “hot out of the oven” tray. It also aids in retaining true food flavour and does not leak as it is a seamless product that is water and grease proof.


H’eataway® is a modified CPET container that has a ‘freezer to oven’ capability without becoming distorted and is suitable for use within a temperature range of -40 degrees to 220 degrees Celsius. This product is truly revolutionary and has generated enormous interest not only for its functional benefits but also due to its recyclability.


With a smooth finish, this solid yet lightweight and strong container is produced by expanding recycled PET plasticinto billions of micro bubbles and although up to 30%lighter than the conventional CPET tray, it has proven to be stronger. The production process is a mechanical one rather than a chemical process which results in less plastic, more value and a greener alternative. This tray, a first of its kind in South Africa, offers the consumer the opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way. Available from Mpact Versapak in nine shapes and sizes, the containers can be sealed with the appropriate lidding film or alternatively designed to take either a PET or Polypropylene lid .


ultrazorb polystyrene meat trays


The ultrazorb® polystyrene meat trays are aimed at the butchery industry. In contrast to its alternative “tray and absorber padcombination”, the Ultrazorb® ribbed tray is light weighted, and requires no bloody absorbent pad, keeping the liquids away from the content itself and ensuring a cleaner, more convenient and hygienic cooking experience. This unique packaging solution also offers a favourable price point and stock control benefits. The Ultrazorb® tray uses capillary action to draw fluid into micro piercings in the base and side walls of the trays. The side wall micro piercings allows the product to be stored or displayed at an angle without fluids gathering at the bottom of the angled tray. Produced by using enhanced mould technology, the expanded polystyrene with an open cell structure and micro perforations has been formulated with a special additive which further enhances the absorption capability of the product. The ultrazorb® tray also contains a scalloping together with a ribbed design in order to strengthen the tray whilst absorbing almost double the amount of fluids over the same period of time as its absorbency pad alternative, up to 28ml. Beingavailable from Mpact Versapak in various sizes and colours and meeting full food and hygiene certification, it is guaranteed to meet the industry needs .


recycling sustainable solutions mpact

About Mpact

Mpact is a leading producer of rigid plastic packaging and cling film, producing a range of packaging and serving a multitude of blue-chip customers within various industries, including products for the food, beverage, personal care, homecare, pharmaceutical, agricultural, industrial and retail markets. Mpact Versapak │021 877 5500 │info@mpact.co.za│www.mpact.co.za│ www.mpactversapak.co.za

What’s hot in the convenience, home meal replacement and meat industries
What’s hot in the convenience, home meal replacement and meat industries

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